Tuesday July 12, 2011

Probably running up against the largest slump I’ve been in since I can remember. It’s part of trading but it sure isn’t fun.

Yesterday I failed to flip a few stocks successfully in chat and my COOL swing trade saw a 70k bid erased stopping me out there too.

Today I open with the same positions as yesterday.

75k XSNX at $.07, currently $.07, goal $.08-$.10, stop $.06. This was a bid buy.

10k PPRTF at $.60, currently $.59, goal $1.20, stop $.40. This was also a bid buy.

JB,  Good Morning!  First I must say your teaching skills are masterful.  Your demeanor about your business acumen pulls people to your service.  Have been in since late March 2012 and have watched it grow leaps and bounds. “Thank you” for all of your time and effort.

Cris M.

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