Wednesday July 20, 2011

Now sitting on 3 open trades heading into today’s session.

Still long 5k of MCZ at $1.46 which just had news, although it’s nothing major and 10k of PPRTF at $.60 which seems to be heading up a bit each day.

I added 25k DOGO yesterday in chat on the big budget promo but it wasn’t an email / text alert because I want to make sure nobody rushed right in – I’ve been burned on these types of trades before. So DOGO supposedly has a $1.8m budget behind it and I’ve only seen a few mailers so far which leads me to believe it could continue up. Goal of 10% or more depending on how it advances.

Hey J I’m at work so couldn’t stop in chat but i owe Luke and you a beer got my first entry on FREE a couple days ago at 1.30 which led to some pain but doubled up at 1.14 bringing my average to about 1.23 sold today at work at 1.46 for +.23 from work thanks too you for teaching scaling and averaging and Luke for mentioning the stock big win for me!!!!!

Joseph D.

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