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If You Do NOT Believe In Yourself, Why Should Anybody Else?

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    • robuceda12 says:

      I had a meeting with a financial consultant at Ameritrade (Denver, CO) and he told me that a brokerage account is meant to keep it intact until you turn 59 years of age, and that on average playing on stocks and bonds trading is on the average minimal 10% at best. Wouldn’t it be feasible still to earn significant winnings so that I can allocate some of those gains to pay off my government student loans? I owe $43k from a Master’s at University of Denver unfortunately. Thoughts??

    • Jason Bond says:

      I personally have no debts, I’m not saying they are bad but not owing a % is basically the same as making that % in my mind.

    • Robert Uceda says:

      thanks for reaching out. It has nothing to do with not believing in myself. Like most everyone in the right frame of mind, I am planning to follow through by finding out the nuances of starting a broker account. That’s why I stopped by a TD Ameritrade office near where I live at Denver tech center. I was surprised to find out I would be at a notable disadvantage of withdrawing money from a brokerage account, if I were earning at a 5-10% rate from stocks and bonds trading. He did tell me that most stock traders don’t fare all that well in the long run. Of course I ready to find out for myself if that is not the case, once I utilize your strategies this week. I need to test those this week and how much I benefit before I am to pay any more $$$ for additional training.

    • c allen says:

      just joined-I just listened to this in nov 2018. Wow the glass is half full. this sound like the rousing talk my old baseball coach gave me almost 30 years ago- by the way we won that game.

  1. Sam says:

    Awesome Jason! Love the way you explain things! This is great stuff!

  2. tomlunarde says:

    Great MOTIVATION and TRUTH spoken, good to hear!

  3. Bob W. says:

    Thanks Jason! I really needed to here that. Really need to do this thing. Having hard time believing in myself and following through. I know I can do this.

  4. joepo76 says:

    Thank You, Jason..! Here I was.. holding bags of losing investments.. not knowing what to do..
    Until now! You gave me a new hope for the future.. And I will learn and run with It!

  5. legacytrades says:

    Everyone should watch this every Monday morning at 6am before the trading week starts! Love it

  6. humphreykelli178 says:

    Hey !!!! Jason, your great and your teaching is the best. However, that t-shirt was very hard to watch. I was born in N.H. and raised in V.T., , about as New England as you can get, even at 51 , i am the a true blue YANKEE fan !!! Other than the spike in blood pressure, i am loving your training.

  7. infiniteganesh says:

    “The successful person has the habit of doing the things failures don’t like to do. They don’t like doing them either necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.”

    ― Albert E. Gray

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