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The Dangers Of Calling The Top In The Market

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  1. Pixarisking says:

    Jason, great video and lesson for all traders both new and experienced alike! How do I know when your Coffee Club’s are going on live so I can join in?

  2. Patrick says:

    Hey Jason great video truly shows that anyone can get burnt by the system. Hey have you looked at Canadian overseas petroleum and xop ? Is as also as n mezzotin menerals wich went up 400% but when I checked my order was not filled darn it cuz that would have been awesome . See I have been looking at low cost stocks so I can buy more which have 200 to 400% gains quick easy movements that are very predictable to keep things simple so reactions can be second nature instead of thinking of ways out . What do you think of that strategy?

  3. James says:

    Loved this! You have expressed my sentiments exactly! But I have to admit, the temptation is great to short the down market!

  4. April 2000- my client said pull out…(i did) still- i was convinced i was invincible…i was convinced the market would never go down…..thought the market would keep on running up in momentum mode…..did the market fool me….what did i know……a lot of pain yes, a lot of pain…..recalling these times…..thank you much….

  5. Matt says:

    I was not expecting that! I figured you were going to talk about not trying to hit the top of a run for an individual stock. Fun story. You seem like you handled it well.

  6. Robert Duncan says:

    I’m looking at jan.29 on jan 28 this must be recorded? how do I know what to do?

  7. henriarmsb83 says:

    Great info!

  8. Mike Rozman says:

    Thanks for sharing that lesson, know that someone “appreciated it”. I’ve only been on board for a week and I’m having a lot of fun, learning as much as I can and already making a few dollars.

  9. Heather Quesenberry says:

    Great lesson and excellent energy for an early morning session. Looking forward to additional insights as I venture into the market. Heather Q.

  10. RAZWAN SHAIK says:

    Hey Jason, Luvly and extremely luvly video and a very good lesson for someone like me.
    May be I am wrong but a small suggestion if you can consider thinking of; If the volume is decreasing as the price is being pushed lower, this means there is not much selling pressure from professional side and the price should bounce back. Alternatively, if the price is trying to trend up and the volume is decreasing, it shows that the professional money is not interested in the higher prices, and at some point the with this decrease of volume, the price has to fall downwards. If you had observed the IWM volume after the huge fall, with the further downward push, the volume should have decreased in the following 10 to 20 bars and this resulted in pushing the prices higher, as other professionals (hedge funds and investment banks etc) who bought into the initial downfall, were successful in preventing the further downward move and bought considerable stock at lower price.

  11. trannguyenthanhuy says:

    i will be watching again , when i understand detail deep . so great . thank you so much

  12. rochelle everette says:

    This made me stop and look at my techniques. Thank you once again

  13. Daryl Reynolds says:

    what time tomorrow morning

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