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Wall Street’s Hottest Stock Last Week. Going Short Then Long FENG For +$5,218.07 In Profit.

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  1. Robert Price says:

    I could just watch this video over and over and over. Totally thumbs up lessons!!!! – Thanks, Jason

    • Jason Bond says:

      What did you like about this one Robert? Thanks for the kind feedback.

    • Rebecca Salgado says:

      Hi new to your service. got all logged in and set to go, went here to coffee and nothing new entered since March of 2018, Has this been DISCONTINUED? Thanks – Rebecca S.

  2. Eleanor Eiserling says:

    I can’t see the picture (so small) and I get no sound.

  3. Stephen Goettler says:

    That was amazing. Your playing that stock like a fiddle.

  4. sharonhobbs43 says:

    No sound. What’s up with this?

    • globefin20 says:

      When you play the video it will have sound muted as you see x next to the sound button in the video. You have to un-mute that by clicking where it shows ‘x’ . Try that.

  5. Jonathan Longmire says:

    I’m so pumped to be a member of your service Jason. The video was great proof that you really know your stuff. It’s a pleasure working with you. I plan to be one of your top clients!

  6. joeb says:

    Hi Jason. I’m kind of lost. Am I setup correctly? How do I get email and text picks? Where there any today, Mon 8/6? I just became a member.

  7. Eli G says:

    Just watching this video I’m getting the confidence & the tools to finally transition from a “Hobby” trader to Professional. Clear & succinct presentation Jason!

  8. james grazer says:

    I am havng trouble emailing you.

  9. I am new. I am with fidelity do I need to set up my option account with them?

  10. Dave M says:

    I couldn’t see and couldn’t hear either…I’ll check back Monday.
    New member and excited!!!!! Going in with you on NMRD, APRN, GEVO, LQMT & MTEM on Monday…
    Dave M

  11. Victor L says:

    Hi i just join up,finish looking at the chart and it was very interested. What is the first thing i should do for start trading

  12. majormongo says:

    JB, excellent video. Clean, concise instructions on what you saw, how you set up and implemented your trade plan…result? BOOM! – money! It doesn’t get any cleaner than that. Seek, find, setup and ring the register. Been learning alot in the past 30 days so glad I rolled the dice. Continue slaying the market and I’ll continue learning – preciate the talent. MM

  13. infiniteganesh says:


    Very impressive Fibonacci Retracement Demo! Soon will join the Millionaire Roadmap Club! I can see it in my Mind’s Eye!

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