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Please note that we have move all the premium content to the RagingBull dashboard. You can access all the content from there now: https://app.ragingbull.com/member


Affiliate Center Overview

This is an overview of the affiliate center. For those of you who are not currently affiliate members please follow the steps described in this article »

1. Connect to the affiliate center

Use the following link to connect to the center. Use your affiliate code as the username, your affiliate code should start with the letters jbp. If you don’t remember your affiliate code, check on your profile page to find it.


If you can’t remember you password, use the “Forgot your password?” link on the page listed above.

2. Link Generator

This is the area where you will find the link to advertise Jason Bond Picks products. All the links listed there will create cookies in the browser of the user who clicks it. This way the sales will be linked to you once they purchase.

Creating Ads

You can also create Ads. Ads are very useful to track the performance of you links. This way you can understand which ad converts the best. Let’s say you are advertising on Site A and on Site B, then you should create an Ad called Site A and an Ad called Site B. This will allow you to track the performance of each site.

To create an Ad, click Create Ad button and fill the fields:

Generating a link based on an Ad

Now you need to generate a link for the ad you just created. Use the form at the bottom of the page:

This will create a link for this specific Ad in order to track the performance of the Ad.

3. E-Mail Templates

These are prebuilt email template which you can email to your leads and try converting to sales. Simply choose the link that will be included in the email and click Generate Email on the desired template. This will bring a popup, simply copy and past the content in your email program.

4. Banners

Banners are images which can be use to advertise on you site, there is currently 3 format. Simply Click Generate banners to see the code and format of each. Copy the code and paste it in you HTML file on you site.

5. Resource Pages

This section is not currently used.

6. My Ledger

This is where you will see all you commissions earned, clawbacks and payments done. Clawbacks will only occur if a user as already paid and request a refund immediately regarding billing issues.

You can generate a report based on date range.

7. Commissions Generated

This is just a simpler view of the Ledger report.

8. Link Tracking Stats

This is where you can see all the clicks to your links and sales generated form it. Definition of the terms:

  • Redirect: this is the link used
  • Ad: Ad related to the link, see Creating Ad above to know how to create ads
  • Hits: number of click for this link
  • Opt-ins: number of users who have entered our system, this can be either a sale, a failed sale (failed payment) or a signup to a free list. This is the number of contacts that are linked to you
  • Orders: number of orders, not currently used at Jason Bond Picks
  • Subscriptions: number of people out of the Opt-ins who have purchase a subscription
  • Hits/orders: performance of the link on orders
  • Hits/subscriptions: performance of the link on subscriptions
  • Click Date: first time the link was clicked.

9. Products Sold

Name of the product your sold using your links.

10. Subscription Signups

Statistic on the subscription signup, similar to the product sold section