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Put your credit card away. Jason has trained over 200,000 traders. You be the judge as to whether or not what hes teaching is worth your time in this zerocost opportunity. Just take a look at these reviews across Jason’s services.

Nov 10th, 2021Prat

Feel very lucky to have him as a…

Feel very lucky to have him as a mentor. Jason you’re the best

Oct 29th, 2021Ilhan

joined the ragingbull family last…

joined the ragingbull family last december. learning more from day to day how to become a profitable trader worth every dollar I spent !!!

Oct 29th, 2021Steven Homoki

Jason’s passion

Jason’s passion, experience, and teaching has inspired me to study and learn how he trades. I still do not do the trades exactly like he does but I use the information to make my own decisions on size and methodology of trading but used his methods of identification of the trade setup and why it is a good trade. Not all work which I completely understand. It is all probabilities not and exact linear mathematical equation like linear algebra but rather a probability based on previous experience and trading patterns and of course news on a particular company can aid or detract from the trade.

Nov 3rd, 2021Jerry Wauchope

Jason got me over $13.5k in one day

Really appreciated Jason making me aware of DWAC prior to it’s big move. I got in at $22.40 and got out the next day $160. Fantastic! Wish I had bought more than 100 shares. He has other recommendations that do well on a weekly basis. Highly recommend his service to you.

Oct 29th, 2021Matthew Somers

Octagon is the best…!

Octagon is awesome! Jeff, Jason and Bart are killer teachers! The best service…by far!

Oct 29th, 2021Steve Crowley

Great teaching service for retail traders

Have a lifetime subscription to Jason Bond Picks and all Raging Bull services for years now and remain very happy. They had some problems with FTC late 2020, and I greatly missed having the service while they were offline for a few months. Fortunately they’ve been back in business under court supervision for several months now and are better than ever! In addition to teaching how to find your own trades as they always have, they now alert their own trading before entry, something that no other teaching service does to my knowledge. In short, I highly recommend Jason Bond Picks to learn short term trading. He does some long term trades too, but it’s not the focus of his teaching. Raging Bull has many other services with other trading styles you can consider, including long term. Again, I have lifetime subscription to all Raging Bull services and remain very happy. Jason Bond Picks is a great place to start.

Nov 1st, 2021Steve Goetz

Giving a lot of education and…

Giving a lot of education and Transparency.

Oct 29th, 2021tai

you are the best!!!!

you are the best!!!!

Oct 22nd, 2021Jon

Exactly what it is billed as!

Really love this service with Jason Bond. Important for anyone thinking of joining to recognize individual accountability for trading decisions. But if you are looking to get regular updates about trading ideas, have frequent discussions about trading setups, discuss the psychology of trading (HUGE), and have a community to share wins and losses with this is the place to be.

Oct 8th, 2021surfershark Sharky

Jason Bond is AMAZING

Jason Bond is AMAZING! He is an incredible teacher, and you will learn to do what you never thought possible! Check it out now! KD

Oct 29th, 2021Jen S

Octagon is fantastic, JB service improved

I just got back to trading after taking a long break while raging bull was down during the investigation. I liked the services with Jason Bond before the shut down and was nervous when services started to change upon their return. But i can happily say I think it was worth the wait. The octagon is fantastic, offering real time access to Jason, Jeff and Bart whenever the market is open. I’m learning on the fly which is a must for me due to time constraints. I also feel like Jason is more focused than ever. I am becoming a more disciplined trader by learning better habits from him. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

Oct 29th, 2021TomT

There are many services out there to…

There are many services out there to choose from, and Jason Bond could not be any more transparent. Even if you don’t subscribe to his paid services, everyone has can view his live portfolio on TraderSync. I’m glad The Bull is back and stronger than ever!

Oct 8th, 2021Aaron Strong

Great experience with Jason

Great experience with Jason. Jason is up front and honest with his picks and his portfolio. Gives advanced notice so there are no surprises. Always fun to hang out with him and the rest of the group in his chat room. The education is great and that is really what it’s about.

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