Long-Term Trading

Are you a busy professional who wants to make serious money trading and investing in the stock market… but you don’t have enough time? If so, our new Long-Term Trading program is just what you need!

Every week, Jason Bond will send you a perfect mix of 1 - 2 open swing trades along with 1 - 3 open long-term trades.

These low-risk, high-potential stocks are carefully selected by Jason and his team of expert analysts. These easy-to-follow trades offer excellent profit potential for busy people just like you.

Watch the video below to learn more about Jason's strategy:


Added Bonus: Jeff Bishop of TopStockPicks.com will provide long-term trading strategies and give you access to his real money portfolio built solely from ETF's.

This is an exciting and low-cost way for any investor to begin to build a diversified portfolio and take advantage of fast-moving markets.


Just take a look at the kind of Watchlist you’ll receive each and every week. It comes chock full of insights and expert stock picks that have the potential to grow your gains and personal wealth... significantly!

Buy alert

Here at Jason Bond Picks we’re constantly scanning the market for great low-risk stocks that you can buy, hold, and resell for a nice profit. And every time we’re about to buy any stock, you’re going to receive a BUY ALERT via both email and text message. This way, you’ll never miss an good opportunity to acquire a potentially profitable stock you can buy and hold for a couple of days, weeks, or months --- then sell for solid gains!

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Sell alert

Every smart investor knows that “good timing” is one of the secrets to creating serious wealth in the stock market. And with today’s high-speed electronic trading, choosing the right time to buy, how long to hold a stock, and when to sell it will be a key determinant in your success as a trader and investor. And that’s why my team and I will not only send you an alert when we’re buying a specific stock, we’ll also send you a SELL ALERT via email and text message, so you’ll know exactly when to exit a stock.. and collect your profits!

Email Sell alerts
SMS Sell alerts

Of course you are free to learn Jason’s strategy, do your own research, and pick your own stocks, but you’ll also have the option to follow Jason’s lead when it comes to selecting the right stocks to trade for maximum ease and profitability!

So why complicate your life?

Now you have a smarter, easier and faster way to get into the long-term trading game, and start profiting from Jason Bond’s expertise and proven track record of consistent BIG GAINS... all for a very special introductory price!


$1,999 yearly

Here’s all you’ll get when you get started today with Jason Bond’s new Long-Term Trading program:

  • An extensive watchlist of carefully-selected stocks with long-term potential for excellent gains
  • 1 to 2 open swing trades a week
  • 1 to 3 open long-term trades week
  • Conservative 5 – 20%, rinse and repeat
  • Email & text alerts delivered to you via email and text message every time Jason buys or sells a stock
  • Added Bonus: Jeff Bishop of TopStockPicks.com will provide long-term trading strategies and give you access to his real money portfolio built solely from ETF's.
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