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Jason, founder and CEO of, is a self-made millionaire trader who left the corporate grind to trade professionally. He’s trained well over 10,000 paid members and is the #1 stock trading stock advisory service TrustPilot, which is the best member review site in the world. He’s part of the trading education powerhouse, Raging Bull, and he’s been featured on Forbes, The Street, Huffington Post,, Seeking Alpha as well as the floor of the NYSE.

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Jeff Bishop

Jeff Bishop is a multi-millionaire, millionaire trader and serial entrepreneur. Jeff’s a member of mensa and uses his decades of trading experience to teach and alert options.

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Kyle Dennis

Kyle Dennis joined the Millionaire Roadmap the day it opened and turned $15 thousand into nearly $2 million in 3 years with Jason. Kyle’s an expert in biotech trading and teaches his proven strategy in the Roadmap.

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Allan Marshall

Allan Marshall is the founder of a billion dollar company, XPO Logistics (NYSE:XPO) who legend Peter Lynch, manager of the Magellan Fund, invested in. Allan teaches how to find small caps with explosive potential before they explode.

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Petra Hess

Petra Hess is a life long entrepreneur and self made millionaire by the age of 25. With a focus on rule based pattern trading and strict risk management she is currently achieving and regularly exceeding her daily target of $1000 in her swing trading account.

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Jeff Bishop and I featured on the floor of the NYSE

Famous major league baseball player Jose Canseco describes how he uses Jason Bond teachings

Here's why 2x UFC Heavyweight World Champion Frank Mir picked Jason Bond as his stock trading coach

High school athletic/physical education director, and Jason's former boss, shares why he paid Jason to teach him trading!

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The Basics of Swing Trading


The House Always Wins


How To Trade Like a Pro, Not a Hobby


Stock Options Explained


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David Helfrick

David has joined every service we have available, and guess what? He hasn’t even traded yet, but he made the investment in himself. If you’re interested in the stock market, you need to have a plan. Watch and learn from David…

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Taylor Conway

Would you turn down a $150,000+ per year job? Taylor Conway did, and it’s because of the Millionaire Roadmap. Here’s how he did it:

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Jeff & Lisa

On a normal salary, Jeff and Lisa weren’t able to travel and vacation like they had always dreamed. This power couple made it possible by being members in the Millionaire Roadmap.

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Josh joined my Swing trading service. Just two weeks later, he was in the Millionaire Roadmap, and paid for it all and much more with ONE $27,000 trade…

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What’s the best lesson you can learn from as a trader? Just ask Gregg…the answer is “to pay yourself”. Greed can ruin your trading performance, but Gregg has learned how thanks to the Millionaire Roadmap.

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Eric took the next step in his trading, and through the education provided, he went from a part-time trader to full time, with 100% of his income coming from the stock market. See how here:

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Bruce Long

You have to put the effort into it, you have to put the work in, and do your part of it, and then you will see the success that comes with it” - Bruce Long, entrepreneur, life-long businessman, and Millionaire Roadmap member talks the key to success and the market.

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“Hey Jason, I never did thank you few years ago on your FNMA call when was $.50 and ran to $2. I remember you said if FNMA gets into the $.70’s to take a position and you did, I did as well and 2 weeks after FNMA touched $5, I made $165,100 profit, it changed my life, again thanks. Thrilled to be joining the Millionaire Roadmap now so you can help me change my life again”. – Gonzalo O.

“Thanks for providing the service and inspiration that you do!! I have been a member of your Swing Trading service for around 2 months and added your Long Term Trading service just over a month ago and am now going to subscribe to your Millionaire Roadmap”. – Charles M.

“I made +$1,000 on EFUT from watch list and 45 minute live trade…thx JB. Love the Millionaire Roadmap. Honestly, I cannot say enough about the Millionaire Roadmap. I upgraded to it about 5 weeks ago and have made the $5,000 cost and then some already after struggling before. More than worth the cost”. – Michael P.

"One of my better months $49,855 (Tomorrow is my Birthday, great treat :D). I was shooting for $50,000, but ran out of time. Thanks, couldn't of done it without you guys. I actually rebalanced at $48,000 to start the year so that's 100%+ in a month." – Ganesh I.

“Mentorship with the Millionaire Roadmap was the best investment I’ve made for myself. I’m up +$28,564 in 2016 YTD.” – Kevin E.

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A few of Jason's winning trades during the early part of 2017

Cashed in an amazing +202% +$20,478.82 on IWM calls in March.
Traded SNAP for +176% +$21,999.48 in winnings!
Earned +76% +$32,666.11 on ROX from March 3rd to April 4th.

Jason's 2017 trading performance so far just 3 1/2 months into 2017

For a total of +193% +$192,702.13 in profit for 2017

The S&P 500 climbed +10% in 2016. The Russell 2000 +20%. Learn how I made +330% +330,000 in 2016

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I’m looking for motivated people who truly want to change their direction in life.

Here’s a little secret I learned years ago -- making a lot of money doesn’t necessarily take a lot of time.

What it does take is a lot of discipline. I only have time to work with people who are as committed to work with me as I am to working with them.

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How much did you spend on your college education? How much is the time worth that you’ve given your job only to find there’s no room to grow, or worse yet they hand you a pink slip? How much money did you lose following those “free stock picking” services over the years?

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Jason has already awarded a Porsche to his top student who turned $15,000 into well over $1,000,000 in just 2-years with Jason. Will YOU be next?

Petra's proven POWER TRADING SYSTEM guides you along the path to higher, more consistent trading profits – while managing risk, valued at $1,999.

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