What Members Are Saying

Jason, this new style with detailed analysis and the “stalker” watch list is fantastic! Thank you for continuing to improve this service.

Jeremy B.

Jason. Just wanted to thank you for the email alert yesterday.  I looked at the 5 stock picks and choose FNMA.  I bought at $2.10 and sold at $ 2.52 for a 1 day gain of approx. $400.

Ken S.

Good morning Jason. Just a quick note to say thank-you. I took a small position on JDST yesterday and woke up this morning with a weeks pay in my account. This service helps me to live a very independent lifestyle. I mean, it’s 6:37am and I’m pretty much done for the day, if that’s the way I want to go. So yes, thank-you.

Sean M.

Sold my BDR swing for +$.45 / share.

Howard M.

Thanks JB! In $BDR at $1.61 on your swing alert last week. Out today at $1.94 +20%.

Anthony M.

Out of BDR for +$.30 / share on the swing, thanks JB.

Dario H.

Sold BDR at $2.05 for +$.25 / share, thanks JB.

Jason E.

JB I swung BDR from a few days ago and just made +30%, thanks.

Vinit D.

Out 1/2 PLUG calls from last week +50%.  Bought after I saw it on the watch list – thanks JB.

Daniel W.

Jason, thanks for the CNET alerts, I made very nice profits on the trade.

Wayne V.

Took my profit on CNET +10% at $2.29 or $.20 a share. Thanks Jason.

David H.

Out CDTI $3.22 from $2.92. Love it Luke.

Ronald B.

Awesome Luke, +$550 profit in the first 30 minutes for me, thanks man.

Jeremy B.

My buddy driving just made $750 profit in 10 minutes with lifestyle trading. Thanks Jason and Luke.

Greggory M.

Out ACI  calls  +62%  thanks JB.

Ronnie A.

Sold ACI +12% profit, thank you Jason.

Ronnie A.

Jason, great swing trading videos!

Wayne V.

My first trade with JB, got out +7%, can’t complain. +$1,300 profit inside the day.

David H.

I picked up +6% on ACI Jason, nice alert!

Kay T.

Took my profits on ACI at $1.96 with JB, thanks.

Dr. Philip P.