Looking For Penny Stocks To Build Your Account?

Back when I taught in public education I also coached varsity basketball for years. I believe I was an excellent coach an knew the game better than most, I could still talk your ear off about the Duke’s motion offense, Bobby Knight’s man to man or Pete Newell’s post moves. But early in my career as a coach we weren’t winning games, despite having excellent talent. After assessing the situation, I realized it’s not about what I know but instead how well I can teach what I know to my players and more importantly, how well they can execute it on the floor in a game when it counted. Once I let go of my ego and focused on changing my teaching to meet the needs of my athletes my teams flourished on the court and the wins grew considerably year to year.

With that in mind, helping others make money is all I care about and if I do it well, my business will grow. As a result, I’m adding a service to BondSwingTrades I’m positive anyone looking to build a small account into a big account will benefit from. Like anything new, I’ll develop it, assess it and refine it as we go… but trust me when I say the finished product will be rock star.

Now I know the penny stock niche better than most and I’m going to start helping subscribers turn small accounts into big accounts by using my strategy to hone in on the best account builders each day, week and month. I realize everyone doesn’t have a huge portfolio so I’m going to do my best to help you get there. My swing trade strategy works at any price level but the one constant we can’t do without is liquidity. Think of NEOM when I alerted $.015 and the next day it was at $.06 on millions of dollar volume or LQMT from $.20 to $.60 on the Apple hype etc…

So, as a part of your swing trade subscription, each day I’ll provide you with a list and video of the best penny stocks to grow that account. This additional service starts Tuesday evening will be updated each evening for the following day. The strategy here is the same as BondSwingTrades except I’m going to start actively hunting for the best liquid setups under a dollar and post them here daily. The target market cap will be between $10 million and $100 million. Stay tuned.

Jason, this is a truly awsome place. You’ve done real well building this.

Kelvin M.


  1. Kevin Schmieder says:

    Thanks JB, I guess I wasn’t the only one asking. Looking forward to getting started. I’m joining your service today.

  2. MichaelGurtner says:

    Thanks Jason and it will help out everyone.

  3. ClydeCurrent says:

    Jason after loosing alot of money it is nice to see someone really cares about the little guy

    Thanks Doug

  4. David Keller says:

    I had thought RARS would be a good account builder. Oops 🙂

    • Anthony Taubenkrau says:

      No, never believe the promoters pretending to know what the other promoters are going to do…I could go on and write a novel about this, but all you have to do is apply what happened here and see this has happened 99.999% of the time. Sorry, that sucks, but JB will help you rebound!

  5. ZorelYu says:

    Thank you so much Jason, for thinking about us.

  6. anthonylauro says:

    Can’t wait buddy.

  7. Grace says:

    Thanks Jason. I am very interested in the account builder, to build my account from small to a larger one. I have been losing a lot of money and it hurts since i only have very little to begin with. I am very frustrated and recently have been thinking of giving up but i am not a quiter. I am glad you care and i now have hope. I pray it works. I also think that i am supposed to be “Bondswing trade” and not “daytrade” that i recently joined. Please look into this because i seriously need help. Grace

  8. DennisFrimmer says:

    This is such a GREAT idea! I don’t have much capital and was realizing that when I was investing in many of the trade ideas you had I really wasn’t able to make much but still making money, but not a lot or significant because I just didn’t have that many shares bc of the low capital to invest. I am truly excited about it! Great idea, let’s go RARS! Pull out of it!!

    • Anthony Taubenkrau says:

      RARS, tread carefully. I hope you have not invested any money you can’t afford to lose.

  9. AdilDzhalilov says:

    Thank you! It really gonna help a lot of people. I don’t have big money and recently realized that even if I get some from trading it goes to pay my broker’s fee.

  10. Christine says:

    Thanks for thinking of us with low capital. Since I joined your swing trade in April, I realized with low capital, I wasn’t able to do much, made some not much. Hope to be able to build my capital in the future. So this is really great

  11. noahryder says:

    Looking forward to this, it will be a nice addition to the swing trades and definitely can help those with a smaller bankroll.

  12. LewisFulkerson says:

    Jason – I’ve written to you about this, and we’ve exchanged several emails with my questions to you about the less expensive Penny Stocks and how to build my small account. I’ve also prayed a lot about it (sorry to those of you offended) and this has come at the perfect time. I will never regret signing up for your service and am ready to dive in to learn and grow. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and true concern for the little guy – who, hopefully, won’t remain the “little guy” for long.

    • Shermanalford says:

      Lewis i am in the same boat with you , i have been with jason less than 2 months the best i have found in 2 years but i’am never offended of praying about any kind of problem or issue thats what we should do good luck!

    • robertskelly says:

      Lewis don’t ever worry about the naysayers. I pray to our Lord every day for help. I’m hoping our Lord steered me to Jason in order to make my life better. 🙂

  13. Gary says:

    Thanks for thinking of the little guy. I have a small account but I have been satisfied to make a hundred or two per trade.But given the re-deposit turnaround, I can only average one trade a week. A few 100 percenters will sure help boost the account out of the basement. I cant wait.Thanks!

  14. NicholasHerrera says:

    Great idea. Very happy with service, worth every cent. The emails, videos, chat room, honest emails from JB about how things are going. I have learned so much with JBP. I too have a small account but I am growing every week and so far no losses with JBP. Got in on NNVC,LEAP and HEK, watched the charts and sold when I was content. I am a novice but have a lot of confidence regardless of what’s going on in the market.

  15. craiglagerstrom says:

    Good idea,Thanks

  16. 72Chevelle says:

    Wow, looks like there are more people in the “little guy” category than I thought. Nice to see I’m not alone and I’ve had many of the same thoughts that others have written about above. Including giving up and not being able to trade, getting stuck in the wrong trades, etc. This is an exciting feature that I have high hopes for.

  17. JamesHanrahan says:

    Great idea Jason!! I get a little “payout envy” when some of your subscribers get 2000 profit and I get 200…I hope this idea will help me trade my account up to the higher wins!!
    Thanks again!

  18. RobertPassmore says:

    A fabulous idea, JB. Again, you are providing excellent value to us. Much appreciated.

  19. jimmyromano says:

    Thanks mr bond. This will help a lot

  20. StevensPierre Louis says:

    Still tuned… can’t wait…

  21. MatthewSwayze says:

    Can’t wait for this to start up. It’ll let me be able to keep my sub and group some income 🙂

  22. andreamchenry says:

    You Rock! You never cease to amaze me. I think I’ll change my screen name to amazed.

  23. Susan says:

    Just joined today and already loving the layout and your info. So glad to hear you are doing this, I am a “low bankroller” and looking to become more educated so I can build my portfolio and invest more of my income as I feel more confident in doing so. Thanks!

  24. Tevis says:

    Perfect, I just joined your swing trade today. Limping in with 2k very limited funds so I’m ready for those penny stocks!! I’m ecstatic to be on the BOND team..your teaching ability unrivaled your strategies your picks your personability. I feel very confident in you..at ease. So I’m sure you will make those pennys stack up and keep on stacking up for me..no for US!! Thank you very much!

  25. robertlederman says:

    @ grace before doing any trading you may want to read the following books Strategic Stock Trading by Michael Swanson and the classic Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets.

    Read those and they will make you into a great trader

  26. terrycalhoun says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m brand new to trading. I’ve been reading and researching for months! I started fulling around a little. Made a few hundred! Lost a few hundred! I must say your the only guy I feel like I can trust! I’ve read up on a lot of other services people are offering. But I feel very confident in yours. and I’ve already learned a lot watching your video lessons and so forth. My wife and I just had a baby! She is one month old. My wife quit work and is now a stay at home mom. Which leaves all the bread winning to me. Im excited to be another successful student of yours in the coming days, weeks, months and years to come. I sat her down on Saturday and explained who you were and what you do and what an oppertinuty you could bring to the table and she let me sign up! So thanks for the opportunity and for all the hard work you do to teach people how to be more successful in life. Terry

  27. TheNinja says:

    Under $1 is generally what I focus on, so looking forward to your picks!

  28. robmadrid says:

    @ Terry nr one rule, watch your losses, seen too many people lose big trying to win big. Took a lot of convincing to get my wife on board after her brother lost 40 grand in penny stocks. Even Jason lost big in his early years. I too, by choice, am trading with a small account, and I limit my losses to $50 on a $1000 trade, more importantly is I mostly paper trade. With a small account I can’t afford too many losses.

  29. Rick says:

    Jason, Again, you come across. I truly admire you and your efforts. Thank you for remembering us small guys. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? I can’t say thanks enough for this move. I hope all the responses you have gotten and will continue to get bring you some sense of fulfillment and I hope you are truly rewarded for your altruism. Thanks. You are a good man. Rick

  30. Joe says:

    Jason, this is tremendous news and I cannot thank you enough! I just joined in last couple of days and I am really glad i did. I will be growing my small account into ….well….something significant with your help!

  31. Jules Mappus says:

    After gambling and holding ZNGA into earnings I look forward to joining soon and [re]building my account.

  32. Richie says:

    Well after refunding my account (topping up to25G)so I can day trade (mistake not ready yet) about 5 times, I finally realize that I’m not ready to day trade yet. Luke exhorted us newbies to learn how to S/T first. I thought I listened, sat on the sides lines and just watched and observed, Still was’nt ready.I knew the stuff on paper, but when I went to trade, I forgot stuff, played with too large portions instead of going in easy.So this service is a welcome addition to the already fabulous service. Yep I too felt like giving up. but I’ve made up my mind to declare war on wall street, I’m just getting the right ammunition along with the discipline. And pray……..? I dear say this is an answer to prayer. Lets do it J !

  33. Kerry says:

    Starting with a miniscule, now small, account – and looking forward to building it up. Thanks!

  34. John Strauss says:

    Sweet!! That is going to help out a lot. Thank you!

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