Chat FAQ

FAQ Day Trading with Luke Murray

Note:  A lot of time and effort has been made to provide you the best educational material, chat rules, videos that you will need to enhance your learning with Jason Bond Picks. Jason and Luke are our master traders and spend a lot of their day trying to uncover trading opportunities. If you are new, please watch all the resources and the FAQ on the website before asking general questions and taking away valuable time from our traders during the trading day.  General questions should also be asked in the “Coffee Lounge” and not in the “General Chat” area of the service.


  1. What is all the software information being shared on the screen? Please watch the video on trading software information Trade Ideas and Understanding Screen Share.
  2. Can you tell me if I should buy or sell this stock? No. We are not financial advisors and only provide educational material.  Please contact a professional. We also recommend paper trading first and Think or Swim’s $100,000 paperMoney. It has a great free platform to practice before putting real money on the line.
  3. What stocks did you buy and sell today? Please see the “Announcements” section of the chat room as all trades opened and closed are posted each day. You can also check the ‘Documents’ at the bottom right of the chat room for announcements history.
  4. How many shares are you buying of each stock? For each stock purchased about $15,000 to $20,000 gets invested. If it’s a dollar stock, 15000 shares approximately would get bought. For options it is about a third the size.
  5. Are you holding this stock over night? All trades are day trades unless identified as swing trades or otherwise. If it’s initiated as a day trade and I think it’s good to keep overnight, I reserve the right to keep the position and will notify the room accordingly as the day goes on.
  6. What is your upside target on this stock? No upside target is set.  Each trade is unique and could be exited at any time depending on price action.
  7. What chart should I use (5 min, 10 min or 15min, daily chart)? The chart that works best for you and your trading style.
  8. Do you use stops? Physical stops, no. Mental stops, yes and it’s case by case.
  9. What does “weekly or monthly” Calls mean? The option expires at the end of the week or month.
  10. What types of strategies do you use?  Please see videos on website under  Day Trading, thenLuke Murray
  11. When do you announce your buys and sells on the mic? Right after I have confirmation that the trade went through it gets announced and then posted to the “announcements” section in the chat room followed by Twitter.
  12. How many trades do you make per day? Average around 15 to 20 trades per day.  Someday’s there are very few trades made.  Everyday is different.  Trades are not taken just to trade.  
  13. Do you announce both your BUYS and SELLS? Yes, both get called out in trading room and in the announcements page.
  14. What is the risk level of risk for me? Everyone is different and if not sure what your risk tolerance is, please contact a qualified professional to assist you.
  15. Where is the best place to ask you questions? Please ask questions before or after market hours in the coffee lounge.  We want to get to all your questions; however our top priority during the trading day is looking for and identifying opportunities.
  16. Luke, what are your thoughts on XYZ stock? I am sorry, but I can’t comment on whether you should buy or sell a stock as I am not a registered investment advisor. I am simply a guy who is actively trading his own account and sharing ideas with the community. Any comments I make regarding a stock are my own personal thoughts on it and how I would trade the stock. If I am following it, then I make announcements as to when I buy and sell it. I will never tell any member what they should do with their portfolio — go pay an overpriced advisor for that!
  17. Should I announce my scalp trades on swing trade alerts and gap plays? NO. Please do not announce scalp trades on swing trade alerts and gap plays in chat.
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