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How I Went From A Broke School Teacher To A Profitable Trader

I never had dreams to become a trader. In fact, I was an athlete who thought I was going to go pro. I really never thought the market could change my life the way it did.

I was just a kid from a small town in upstate New York who played sports.

Fun Fact: “Kowalik” was an adopted last name. My real last name is Bond; I changed later in life.

I was a football player in high school… and I also played baseball, of course, when you’re a kid — you don’t really plan for the future in case something doesn’t work out. 

So I tried my very best to make my dreams come true… and played college baseball.

Heck, I was invited to try out for the Atlanta Braves.

Long story, short, I didn’t make the cut… and that’s when reality hit. Of course, I was distraught and knew I needed to find something to do. So I decided to pursue a career in teaching.

I was a New York State public school teacher for about 10 years, along with my wife Pamela. One day, I looked at my finances and realized I rattled up $250K in debt, and it would take me decades to pay it off with my salary as a teacher.

While I did have summers off as a teacher, there were really no vacations for me and my wife. I kept busy by taking side-jobs, like roofing and serving tables at a few local restaurants.

Times were tough, and there were days I would make Pamela rummage through garbage to pick out aluminum cans and exchange them for a nickel. I was so sick and tired of living that life.

I wanted a way out… I needed a way out… and I found a way out… it was the stock market.

However, my success didn’t happen overnight.

When I first started out trading, I had small goals — make enough money so I didn’t have to take on odd jobs in the summer.

My first 1-2 years of trading momentum stocks didn’t bring me any closer to my goal of financial freedom. I realized that if I wanted to grow and develop as a trader, I needed a mentor. For me, that mentor was Jeff Bishop. 

Through mentorship, I was able to master scalable, and what I believe to be repeatable, trading strategies. 

In just a few years, I was able to go from being a debt-riddled public school teacher chasing the American dream — to not only achieving the American dream but now I have gone on to train thousands of people on how to trade stocks.

Today, I focus on teaching traders how to hunt down momentum stocks, as well as trade options.

Like most folks, it’s good to be skeptical. That’s why I provide my subscribers with watchlists, advance notice alerts, and real-time updates on my moves.

Full transparency, that’s what you’ll get from me. 

Of course, I’m still a teacher at heart, and it’s still one of my greatest passions. And I want to give back to the world what’s changed my life. 

If a broke school teacher who never had dreams of becoming a profitable trader could make it in the market?

Why not you?

I’m here today as both a trader and a teacher who’s not only debt-free but a bonafide multi-millionaire.

I’m so glad to have you aboard, and every week, I’ll do my best to provide the best lessons and show you my techniques that have helped me become the trader I am today. 

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