Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Jason Bond Picks family!

Here’s what you can expect:

I’m a real-money swing and long-term trader. I take this responsibility very seriously and put a lot of effort into trading and teaching trading. I’m here to serve you and intend to do it better than anyone else on Wall Street.


Start by going to the member portal and looking around. The first videos I’d like you to watch are under Swing Trading > Penny Stock 101. From there watch the videos under Education > How To Trade Like A Pro. Specifically all of the videos under Patterns, Swing Trade Scanning Made Simple under Scanning, Level II Tutorial under Indicators and Pay Yourself under Strategy. These are the most important to get a good start.

Swing Trading Alerts:

This is my flagship service and core strategy in which you’ll receive up to 10 swing trade alerts per week by text and email in real-time. I also spend a considerable amount of time teaching this strategy. Portfolio allocation can be as high at 50% here but usually I’m around 20-30% of the portfolio in each trade.

Almost all of the alerts come from my daily watch list. In predictable markets my daily watch list goes out the night before, in volatile markets early the morning of. The goal is to provide working professionals with an active swing trading strategy designed to produce profits year in and year out simply trading up to 10 times per week with 1 – 4 day hold times.

I specialize in liquid nano, micro and small cap stocks i.e. anything under a market cap of $2 billion, a price between $.01 and $10 with a Beta of 1 or higher.

My profit goal is 5 – 20% on a swing trade, rinse and repeat. I’ll definitely let a bull ride for more than 20% but in general I’m paying myself around 5 – 10% on the swings. Rarely do I hold through events in this service meaning I’m out for earnings, FDA rulings etc… Video lessons teaching the strategy are the foundation of this service so please study them.

Long-Term Trading Alerts:

There’s a weekly watch list to start every Monday with a review of the markets and my open positions, usually about 7 in the portfolio, as well as any new ideas I’m watching.

I built this service to accompany the Swing Trading service, because quite often I come across a good trade idea but it’s going to take longer than 1-4 days to play out. Hold times here are weeks to months, portfolio allocation is usually 10% and I’m looking for profits exceeding 20%. I’ll hold through events in this service so earnings, FDA rulings etc…

Occasionally I come across something I think could be huge. I call these stocks JACKPOT Penny Stocks and due a full research report on why I think Wall Street is missing this huge opportunity. You can find all the Long-Term Trading content in the member portal.

In Summary:

Even if you only plan to mirror my trades, understanding what I’m looking at makes the process smoother. My system is simple but takes a little time to learn. The harder you study the more sense it will make which will add a lot of confidence in the trades you make.

Again, I thank you for joining my trading family! Wall Street can be beat! I’m proof of it, but I need you to set your foundation first. Take your time and settle in. I look forward to working with you!

Jason Bond
“The Teacher”

Jason Bond

I was a NYS public school teacher by profession, but now I’m a stock trader and teacher by way of income. I became a self-made millionaire trading and teaching small cap stocks. I left the corporate grind and now trade and teach full-time!