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If You’re Not Using Options Now, You May Be Missing Out On All The Action


Believe me, I was never a fan of options at first, but you know what?

I was once a down-on-my-luck elementary school teacher. My wife, Pamela, also a  teacher— we were both working hard to make ends meet.

But with our salaries, there was no way we’d be able to pay off our debt which at one point was north of $250K. 

It’s not because we were lazy. Heck, I served tables, worked the hot summers as a roofer, and darted across town to coach varsity girls basketball and cross country.



But you know what?

It didn’t matter how hard we worked because our salaries as teachers would never move the mountain of debt we were drowning in. 

I even pursued a second master’s degree… but I knew deep down that wasn’t the answer. 

I gravitated towards the stock market not out of love but out of NECESSITY.

I wanted to get out of the situation we were in and live a life that didn’t require worrying about money, stressing over the bills, having to do odd jobs just to ensure the lights and heating would be on each month. 

My introduction to the stock market didn’t bring instant success. But I stuck with it. 


Trading is one of those pursuits that when mastered—your income potential is only limited to your imagination. 

So I kept at it…knowing that if I could become consistent and profitable that I could use my teaching skills to help others who were in similar situations. 

Some of you may know I got my start trading momentum stocks. However, as a trader, I realized in order to evolve… I needed to figure out other ways to make money in the market.

I actually tapped into the options market…

You see, some of my favorite patterns pop up in mid- and large-cap stocks. However, as you probably already know, it’s pretty expensive to buy or short those stocks.

So what’s the best alternative?


You see, options provide leverage and I’m able to get more bang for my buck. Instead of paying say $150 per share and using a lot of capital… I can utilize options to establish a position for a fraction of the price.

For the most part, I’m keeping it simple with options for myself. I’m just utilizing spreads if I want to be more conservative and collect premium. If I’m aggressive or have a high conviction in a specific name, then I’ll utilize puts and calls outright. 

I just want to ease you into this because it’s better I show you my techniques to attack the options market, in bite-sized chunks. For now, I just want you to keep an open mind about options, and don’t think they’re hard to learn how to trade.

In my next lesson, I’m going to reveal how I uncover explosive options trading opportunities in large-caps.