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Introducing Bond Blow Ups

Before I even start, all EXISTING premium clients receive access to my new service 100% FREE. I will send you email instructions Thursday this week, you simply push two buttons and you’re on the Bond Blow Ups text and email list, absolutely free. The service will start Friday February 1, 2013.

I expect to charge for this in the near future, Friday February 1, 2013… but if you’re an existing premium client as of Thursday January 31, 2013 at midnight, it’s 100% FREE to you for as long as you remain a premium client of mine.

So, they call me the blow up king because I’ve been known to get my swing trade clients in some of the biggest movers on Wall Street. Bond Swing Trades, my flagship service sends about 3-5 trade alerts each week with 1-4 day holds and 5-10% profit targets. It’s a fairly reliable and conservative strategy that avoids earnings breakouts, short squeezes, pumps and news plays.

Jason Bond Picks also has a day trading service called Bond Day Trades which is run out of the biggest stock chat on Wall Street headed by Luke Murray and some of the best momentum day traders around. Despite Bond Day Trades massive popularity, the vast majority of my clients are working professionals and can’t be in chat, though many have access to a smartphone and would like a few momentum trades.


Who doesn’t like juicy 20%+ wins on momentum alerts, right?

No time for research, watch lists and video lessons? Love momentum trading but can’t be in chat?

Looking to take on a few slightly more speculative trades to compliment the Bond Swing Trades strategy?

Do you have access to your trading platform through a smartphone, laptop or desktop during the day?

If you answered yes to just a few or even all of the questions above, I’m confident you’ll love Bond Blow Ups!

100% FREE to all existing Bond Swing Trade clients until then end of the month, Friday February 1, 2013 this additional service will go on sale for $147 quarterly. Yup, for about $1.50 a day I’ll let you in on some of the hottest stocks on Wall Street with liquidity each and every week, in real-time, by text and email. But right now it’s free for all existing Bond Swing Trades clients and the next 100 free clients to sign up for Bond Swing Trades before Friday February 1, 2013.


  • Targets earnings breakouts, short squeezes, pumps and news plays
  • 1-3 momentum swing trade alerts per week
  • All entries and exits in real time by text and email
  • Ideal for working professionals who can’t be in chat but would like a few momentum trades each week
  • Perfect compliment for the slighty more conservative Bond Swing Trades
  • Hold times ranging from a few hours to a few days
  • Alert based only, does not include access Bond Swing Trades or Bond Day Trades


Bond Blow Ups is 100% FREE for the next 100 free clients to purchase Bond Swing Trades. This offer expires in just a few days on Thursday January 31, 2013 at midnight, though I suspect it’ll sell out well before then.

Here’s a few examples of what I’ll be looking to trade. Keep in mind I’m a swing trader so the goal of these alerts will be swing trades, but if we get 10% or even 20% in the same day, like we did with OCZ Friday, it’s cheddar time and we pay ourselves. The nature of the trades will be slightly more volatile than what I’d take with Bond Swing Trades too, so smaller positions for sure.








  1. Gene says:

    Is there a way to get just the Bond Blow Ups service, not in combination with the other services?
    I would be very interested in BBU.

    • Jason Bond says:

      Hi Gene, thanks for writing and yes, Bond Blow Ups goes on sale Friday February 1, 2013 for $147 quarterly as a stand alone service. I’m just giving it away for free to the next 100 Bond Swing Trade premium clients to promote the new service. Essentially all of my existing premium clients and the next 100 to join Bond Swing Trades get it for free. Then Friday you can subscribe to one or the other or bundle them at a discount, which I believe will be $397 quarterly. Hope to see you on board Friday, you’ll see the option to buy Bond Blow Ups at $147 at 12 p.m. EST Thursday evening or sooner, depending on when the 100 seats are taken. Cheers, J.

  2. Jeff Lee says:

    This is purrrrrrfect. I believe you’ll have both bases covered with the addition of the Bond Blow Up (BBU) service.

    Traders that can’t sit in front of the PC (or their bulldozer for that matter) can stick with the less volatile and steady picks via BST.

    But the more aggressive, fast-paced, members can take up alerts from the BBU service. Nicely done and considered.

    • Jason Bond says:

      Thanks Jeff. We’ve polished this service to the point where I believe it’s truly the best newsletter service dollar for dollar on Wall Street, especially for the next 100 premium clients who lock up Bond Blow Ups for free. Bond Blow Ups will never be free again, so for those on the fence about Jason Bond Picks, please trust me, you’re going to love it.

  3. Darnell Cephas says:

    Jason I would like to purchase your service but I have a concern that you don’t list or show the outcome of all your trades, more importantly the losers …. Posting the losers along with your winners gives a potential client a better sense of your success rate and will make them more comfortable about investing in your service. I really enjoy and participate in your weekly chat’s and think that you are doing a great job, but I would like to know the full picture not just the winning trades before I pull the subscription trigger. Last week you talked about NUGT what was the outcome of that trade? Thank You for all that you do!!

    • Jason Bond says:

      Here’s 2013 performance so far, hope that helps.


      All trades winners and losers are obviously shared with clients. I’ve always made it perfectly clear there’s winners and losers here and my video lessons detail both, not just the winners. I’m not about cherry picking Darnell, this is a trading service and I teach trading full time.

      In January I’m up $18,164 despite the 11% loss on NUGT which I regret not stopping out of sooner, since you asked.

      Bond Blow Ups will be designed for smaller accounts, less money in trades and bigger percent gains. KERX today was a perfect example of what I’d go after with Bond Blow Ups but am not willing to chase in Bond Swing Trades.


      Jason Bond

  4. Theresa trimilove says:

    Jason, how do we sign up that are already members…I followed link from email and don’t see where members sign up? Would you email directions..thanks. Theresa trimilove

  5. Darnell Cephas says:

    Thanks appreciate the honesty and I am looking forward to joining! Thanks Again

  6. Nick says:

    Can we still sign up for the swing trade service, and get the Bond blow ups at no additional fee?

  7. george popan says:

    Jason thanks for making bond blow ups, i always wanted to tag onto youre day trades but had a hard time keeping up, and not enough time. Im also someone with a smaller account. Youre focus on helping the little guy and general integrity with youre service has earned my respect. Thanks!

  8. Gary says:

    hello Jason,
    will you be texting or emailing the blowups.
    the one this morning on BIOF i only saw in chat

    • Jason Bond says:

      Yes text and email if you signed up for the offer. Those who signed up after the offer was closed aren’t on those lists, yet anyway. Email me if you think there’s an error with your account.

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