18 Jun

3 Lessons For Trading Success


Winning in the stock market starts with having the right mindset.

Before you can achieve it… you must believe it.

You see, I’ve been a teacher, motivator, and coach for half my life now. I’ve gone through ups, downs, experienced tragedy and triumph…

…and I’m not talking about stocks… I’m talking about life.

(For about a decade I coached varsity girls basketball and cross country. Now I coach adults how to beat the markets. Want to be my next millionaire student? Click here to apply)

You see, I’m not any smarter than I was a decade ago.

But my wealth has grown exponentially…

($300K in verified trading profits this year, and that’s with taking two months off.)

I have a totally different mindset now.

Instead of playing the role of the victim… and coming up with thousands of excuses on why “I can’t” or how “I’m not good enough” … I’m turning my weaknesses into strengths.

($34K in options trading profits over the last week. Options were once my weakness… not anymore. Want to hire me as your coach? Click here to apply.)

That said, I’ve been able to pass my knowledge on to others, and am proud to say that I’ve helped countless individuals achieve their trading goals.

Heck, some of them, have gone on to become millionaire traders themselves.      

It makes me happy when I hear:

“Nate thank you very much this has been a long road for me to become profitable you have really helped me THANK YOU !!!!” ~ Michael H.

Who is Michael referring to?

One of my top students turned Millionaire Roadmap mentor, Nathan Bear.

Nathan has been trading the options market better than just about anyone over the last month, including two trades in MDB that returned over 1,000% last week.

(Nathan trades relatively small… however, it doesn’t matter when you can get returns like this. Not an MRM client? Join Now)

Now, Nathan isn’t some former NASA rocket scientist who decided to take his quant knowledge and apply it to the options market.

His family background doesn’t consist of Wall Street insiders or any good ol’ boys network.

In fact, just a couple years ago, Nathan, along with his wife, and four children were living in a modest 1,100 square foot home.

He was trading for eight years but the only thing he had to show for it was bumps, bruises, and losses (his account was down about $40,000 over that period)…

… that is, until he joined the Millionaire Roadmap! And since then, has taken a $35K account and turned it into nearly $2,000,000 in trading profits (over the last three years).

(Seeing other traders win in the market, gave Nathan the belief that he could do it too. Not an MRM client? What are you waiting for?)

Lesson #1: It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in life.

With the right attitude, strategy, mentor, and mindset you can beat these markets.

What did Millionaire Roadmap do for Nathan?

It helped him gain confidence, build a working knowledge of the markets, and acquire the skills and mindset needed to become a successful trader.

You see, despite having three MRM clients go on to reach $1M in trading profits… none of them are Jason Bond clones.

In other words, they trade their own strategies and have their own philosophy about the markets.

And that’s why I’m so grateful to have Nathan as a mentor and moderator in the MRM chat room.

Heck, I like what Nathan is doing so much that I tell all new MRM clients to follow him… simply because of how good he is. I’m glad to hear some of you are taking me up on that advice.

JB…up $12k on $25K account thanks to Nate Dogg….lol ~ Philip G.

TX Nate 25,000 to 38,500. in 2 days! ~ Kathy U.

Kudos to Nate and MRM. Started with 22K the week and ending with 35K. Thanks a lot. 

M.K. : JB: $10,000 for me in 2 days!

T.R. : up $8300 today. super happy w that. flat everything until Monday. helps sleep.

I knew this type of success was possible for Nathan even before he did… because I’m a self-made millionaire too. I also knew that if I could go from outsider (former elementary school teacher) to elite trader… anyone can do it.

If you ask Nathan what has changed from his first 8 years of trading to his last 3 years– it’s MINDSET.

Think about it… aren’t we all basically looking at the same charts and reading the same news?

How can we sometimes have the same trading idea but achieve different results?

Of course, saying that you are going to be the best trader or you’re going to make a million bucks in the market is okay… but that only materializes if you put a proper plan together.

It took Nathan eight years of trial and error… some traders never get it… they run out of capital or give up. And that’s where I and the other MRM mentors can help you.

Lesson #2: Work Smarter

I’ve helped countless traders achieve their goals. There is absolutely no reason for you to waste your time trying to figure it out on your own.

Time is the scarcest commodity in the world.

(The Milestones Program was created to motivate and inspire, you can reach $1M in trading profits… Nathan Bear, myself, and the other coaches are committed to helping you achieve your goals.)

And if you can make $1M in trading profits while using the service… you might even get a Porsche 911 from me. Just like Nathan and Kyle Dennis did!

(Nathan Bear won a Porsche 911 from me after reaching $1M in trading profits. Are you next?)

That said, working smarter doesn’t mean I have a hack for you. You’ll still have to show up and do the work.

However, instead of trading with one set of eyes… you’ll have hundreds helping you spot opportunities.

The Millionaire Roadmap chat room is stacked with rockstar traders who are willing to give a helping hand to other members of the community.

There are no egos or big shots in the room… every question is answered and treated with respect. In fact, everyone who is a client gets direct access to myself, Nathan, and Taylor… during live market hours when it matters the most.

Lesson #3: Success Breeds Success

If you want to start winning in the markets, then you need to hang around other traders who are winning.

In the Millionaire Roadmap chatroom, Nathan and I trade in real-time and everyone can see our portfolios live-streamed. Clients also receive our real-time trade alerts via text and email.  

We both hop on the mic during trading hours (and sometimes off) to address questions, review trades, and help you keep the right mental state for trading.

Each and every day I send out my watchlist so that you can be ready.  And in our members’ section, you can review the trades and continue on with your education.

For example, there is an entire library of Nathan Bear training videos and lessons:

We will give you the tools to become a millionaire trader, it’s up to you on how far you want to take it.

Whether it’s strategies and skills you are trying to learn. Or it’s the mental game of trading that you need help with… MRM is designed to help you reach your goals.

Are you ready to go from $1,000 to $1,000,000? If so…


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