23 Sep

4 Alerts This Week & 4 Wins For $2,600 Profit – Sign Up Today


Hello, hello! The market has been thrashed this week, but my subscribers and I banked $2,600 on my 4 alerts. Below are the EXACT alerts that went out this week to my paid subscribers…alerts that I’ve made roughly $2,600 on verified through a third party on my homepage. That’s 5 years of service for you, this week alone.

If you’re on the fence that is cool, but look what you’re missing out on by not paying a measly $49 a month!!!

Honestly, it doesn’t have to be hard – IT’S REALLY THIS EASY!!!

But before I show you the  messages I sent my subscribers this week, as yourself this…isn’t it time you give up going it alone or worse, following fake newsletters or what I call marketing machines run by losing traders or worse, not even run by traders?

Below are the EXACT text messages that went out to my subscribers this week, I have nothing to hide, it’s all there copied and pasted for you and everyone to see. They go directly to phones the moment I trade, emails go as well, but those are more detailed and would not fit in this email.

Monday 9/19/11

11:21am EST – B 2.5k COOL at $2.26 testing waters, day trade, possibly swing. Goal $.20 per share.

11:59am EST – As suspected, big sellers showed up on COOL at $2.34. Sold for $75 at $2.29 on pullback and buy back later.
(As it turned out, COOL closed at $2.38 that day and hit $2.58 Tuesday)

Tuesday 9/20/11

9:45am EST – Bought 5k CLSN at $3.04 swing trade to $3.80’s or about $.50 to $.75 per share short term. Stop $3.00 tight or $2.80.

11:23am EST – Short 500 XTXI at $14.53, I’ll add size in 500 blocks if it falls. Goal $1 per share day trade, possible swing.
(I did end up adding 500 because it did in fact fall like I thought it would.)

1:09pm EST – Quick and easy, just how I like it. Sold CLSN for $500 profit. Might go up more but I’m happy to pay myself.

Wednesday 9/21/11

10:23am EST – Short 500 IPCM at $39, goal $36 or $3 per share channel trade. Tight stop of $.50 per share around HOD.

Thursday 9/22/11 (Today)

11:03am EST – Covered IPCM short on bid at $37 for $2 per share from alert at $39. $1,000 profit in 1 day.

11:25am EST – Covered short on XTXI for $1 per share or $1,000 profit around $13.55 – $13.60 from $14.55 entry Tuesday.

2:30pm EST – B 3k COOL 2.14, 3k QPSA 3.90 and 3k GLUU 2.89 bargain shopping. All swing trades. Keep the stops tight.

I’m not bragging but this is proof my system works and is easy to follow. I’m so confident, you can take 30 days to try it out.

I’m available 24/7 so just email if you have questions and SIGN UP TODAY!!!

The Teacher!

Jason Bond


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