18 Dec

Best Hours To Trade If You’re Strapped For Time


Some people live and breathe the markets 24/7. For example, Kyle Dennis, spends thousands of dollars a month on services like a Bloomberg Terminal, news services, research, alerts and scanners, and much more. Nonetheless, it’s paid off for him, as he’s been able to take a small five figure trading account and turn it into more than $5M in just a few short years.

He was my first Millionaire Road Map client to make $1M in trading profits…a feat that two others have also accomplished (Taylor and Nathan). That said, my passion lies in teaching everyday people how I trade stocks and make money in the markets.

And to be honest…

My passion is helping others who want to achieve financial freedom from the stock market. That said, I trade part-time. You see, I want to have time set aside for my family and other interests, I can’t be stuck staring at a computer screen for eight to ten hours straight.

No way.

And you know what?

From 2015 to 2017 my average profits per year were $252,947…

…. Not too shabby for a part-time gig.

You see, I can’t promise that you’ll have results as good as me or my other millionaire clients… But, I can promise you this…

You don’t really need more than an hour a day…if that…

… to make life-changing money from the stock market.


One of my key points to focus is trading for an hour…


You’re probably wondering, “How can I make life-changing money with just an hour of work?”

Well, I generally trade around the open and close.

The reason being: these are the most active trading times during the day with high volume.

Traders are chasing gap ups (opening price is well above the previous day’s close price), gap downs (opening price is well below the previous day’s close price), and trying to figure out where stocks are headed around the market open.

Additionally, before the market opens, large institutions are placing market on open (MOO) orders (buying or selling a security at its listed exchange’s open price). In turn, this could cause an order imbalance. For example, if there is an excess of buy MOO orders, it could send the stock higher right off the open. On the other hand, if there is an excess of sell MOO orders, it could push the stock lower. Sometimes it causes stocks to gap on the open.

However, that’s not the only thing going on at the open. For example, every morning before the market open, analysts release their research of upgrades and downgrades. Also, there are a number of press releases before the bell as well. You can imagine, all this new information is going to make stocks more volatile around the open… but volatility also means opportunity.

Here’s how powerful it can be:


In under an hour, I was locking in over $5K on this one trade alone!


Patterns Help With Entries and Exits



After the first two hours trading activity slows down, and traders wind-down for lunch.

Then there’s the power hour. Also known as the last hour of trading.

There’s a lot of catalysts and patterns to digest after the lunch hour. Institutions want to judge the entire trading day before they do their mass buying or selling. That said, between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM ET, you’ll see some pretty massive moves (price and volume).

Around the close, traders are positioning themselves for the next day. Maybe they saw a pattern or catalyst that could cause the market (or stock) to gap up the next day, or vice versa. Moreover, between 3:45 and 3:59:59 PM ET, institutions are placing market on close (MOC) orders, and if there’s an excess of buy orders into the close…well, the stock could potentially gap up the next day.

Then there’s overnight gaps, if you’re able to position yourself in stocks and have the right thesis…you could be seeing homerun trades the very next day. You see, after the close of the market, there are company press releases and market news that could move stocks – causing them to reactive positively and gap up, or negatively and gap down.

That said, if you can nail the first 15 minutes to half hour of the trading day, it should be enough profits for an entire day.

Here’s how I combined these three nuances to make $26K.

During the power hour, I noticed Verifone (VERI) and I figured it was due for a positive catalyst, and the market could run higher with the potential for positive trade negotiations over the weekend. Consequently, VERI could’ve gapped up on Monday.


I bought shares of VERI at 3:21 PM (during power hour) with the intention of holding it into the weekend…

Well, just a few minutes after the open on Monday, VERI was gapping up on news that Apis Capital Management proposed an all-cash offer to acquire the company at $10.26 per share…all while I was in my Tesla driving around…


For example, here’s a look at an alert I sent out to members in the Millionaire Roadmap service during the power hour.


They were able to watch me slam into these positions in REAL TIME – and all it took me was 10 minutes of work.

Well, the next trading day, I was sitting on some hefty profits.


Again, that’s all with just a few minutes of work.

Now, if you’re wondering how I’m able to use patterns and catalyst events to generate profits like this, check it out here.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to be glued to your screen watching stocks tick for tick. With this trading style, I’m able to stay off my desk, run errands, play with my three-year-old, and go to dinner with my wife.

By setting special order types and alerts, I’m able to cut down on my time trading- without having to sacrifice a penny in profits.

You see, you just need to make some subtle changes in your life to give this a shot. I’m living proof that you can generate six figures in profits while only trading part-time.

The diary of a real $ trader,

Jason Bond



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