28 Dec

$8,700 In Profits For Me Yesterday, Updates For 12/28/11


Now we are swinging! I have a little streak going and I plan to work very hard to keep that alive heading into January. I continue to expect light volume this week so quick swing trades won’t be easy. Instead I’ll look to fill those bids I told you about in last Tuesday’s webinar. Already filled 2/5 and am on the bid of a 3rd QPSA. As you know LQMT turned into 70% realized profit already. I’ll wait to add RENN and more USAT until we get closer to January.

U.S. stock-index futures edged higher Wednesday, taking a cue from Europe, as markets gained a little ground in the wake of an Italian-debt auction amid thin holiday-trading conditions.

No major U.S. economic figures are set for release Wednesday, while data set for release during Thursday’s trading session include the latest estimate of weekly jobless claims, a December purchasing-managers index for the Chicago region and November home sales.

21% 1-day swing on BPAX – watch video here

82% 3-day swing on LQMT – watch video here

NSRS – latest large stock promotion and a very dangerous trade which is why I only discuss these in chat. I grabbed a small piece, 50k shares late in the day Tuesday after I confirmed a multi-day promotion might be in store. Again these are not picks I can put out by text and email because they can run hard yes, but fall hard quick too. Trust me I used to put these out as swings and too many people got burnt bad because they weren’t watching when some of them fell 50% or more. Watch the AMWI video if you don’t believe me – trust me I know what I’m talking about here. Even though I held overnight it’s more of a day trade. Big promo stocks are the hardest stocks to trade in my opinion and should only be attempted by experienced traders.

PZZI – loving this stock into 2012. Doesn’t mean it will work but I think this story could make PZZI a double from $5 which is why I filled the bid at $5.22. I’ll hold this swing if I get $1 per share early or long term if necessary. This was on my watch last week and we covered it extensively in the 12/20/11 webinar last Tuesday.

USAT – really liking USAT into 2012 too. This is a swing turned long for anyone who is new so if you’re looking for a short term return it’s probably not for you. I’ll hold USAT until it’s around $1.60 – $2.00 per share and look to make over $10,000 on it in 2012.


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