8 Apr

Friday April 8, 2011


Well TGIF my friends, it’s been a hectic week for sure. One thing I learned yesterday is that you guys/gals want the text messages on all trades so I’ll be sure to do that. I was worried I might have been sending too much but the response yesterday was loud and clear, and appreciated. Good communication is key to any successful relationship so email me day and night please. I am actually happy to know you guys don’t mind hearing from me so much. So moving forward, if I make trade,  you’ll know about it.

Updating the blog was a pain anyway, I didn’t like that haha. Chat will be much easier to use for this. By the way, hope you like my new setup this morning, I think the categories on the homepage are much more useful. Let me know if you agree. Chat software has been paid for, now the fun task of spending my weekend to get the setup started is next. Worth the programming aggravation though cause I think it’ll be a useful tool.

So, here is what’s LIVE right now.

I bought a total of 10k shares of LOCM yesterday at $4.26 and I am expecting another breakout day here soon, my goal is anywhere from$4.50 – $5.00 depending on how it trades. 91m market cap is key here.

I have 3,624 shares of GFRE over the last couple of days, avg. $5.97 and wouldn’t mind getting that number to and even 5k on dips. Outside of my $5 range I know but value shopping here could be worth it. Goal is to sell into a short squeeze and I believe it has a short term shot of trading in the $9 range. 208m market cap.

I bought 420 shares of CAST, another China play, at $6.05 and have a pending order in to bring that up to 5k shares at $6.02. Not sure how comfortable I am being in multiple China stocks over the weekend (See CCME) so there is a chance I drop one of them come the end of today. 302m market cap.

Still have my 7k shares of CDXC at $1.60 and I continue to think this is strong support and an easy 10% at some point, just not sure when. 100m market cap.

Spun out of a little LRAD for a decent loss at $2.99 and $2.80 from my $3.02 momentum buy, not sure what my average is yet cause I still have 2,600 shares. If it weren’t for the light volume yesterday, I’d have already sold this one. I realize it could simply continue up in the short term, but I didn’t buy this one with a short term goal in mind and I rarely switch my strategy on momentum plays because I’ve seen too many of them turn into big losses. Better to take the small loss and put the money into a new trade in my opinion. So long at 75% of my trades or more continue to be winners then there is a good chance the next one will make the money back and then some. Simply put, tt was a momentum trade that lost it’s momentum. Now that my catalyst is gone I’ll look to move on today.



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