30 Mar

Crazy Close, Gotta Love It!


Okay so here are the updates from today’s session, man was it wild! And it looks like tomorrow is going to be a rodeo so buckle up traders.

I timed CHGS perfectly yesterday at $3.38 on the pullback but missed my exit premarket in the high $3.60’s, I had my order in at $3.72 figuring it would surely spike. Here is a video that details the premarket action and my attempt to sell and here is the video that shows you how I successfully pissed away over $1k in profits. So instead of eating at a 4 star restaurant tonight I’ll get a pizza with the $10 lousy bucks I made. Even I can’t win them all. Yes it closed up in the $3.50’s and yes I sold early but once the catalyst was over, so was my trade. The good news in all of this is my prediction was perfect and you probably made more than me, the bad news is I executed poor timing on the spike.

I was able to sell my small position in BLUG that I discussed in last night’s blog post for a decent profit. While we are on that topic, I’d encourage you to read all the blog posts and not just the emails, it ties my whole strategy together.

Moving right along… my buy on LOCM is looking great, I know some of you took profit on the morning spike today – good job! I’ll be looking for a breakout into the $4’s on this one and think that I’ll get it. Lots of shorts in this one and it’s going to burst sooner or later.

I told you when I bought CEU that it was going to be a speculative trade. Everyone once and a while I’ll do that. And yes, it is starting to piss me off too, I would love to kick it in the ass but the ticket to China will cost me more than the stop loss it looks like I’ll be executing tomorrow. I’ll go insane if I get stopped out below $1.50 and it explodes Friday, I can tell you that much. I did a video on this one this morning, be sure to view it here because it all applies still. Just no buyers in this one right now, which doesn’t mean I am wrong, but may stop me out before we find out Friday.

And finally, my 15k buy of ALZM at $2.55 just before the close. Well, you know how I feel about this POS and if you don’t, be sure to read this post. Having said that, it dipped like I knew it would, recovered the dip, and now I think we are going to have a massive squeeze on our hands come tomorrow morning. Trust me, shorts that held on too long are getting nervous. Like I said, highly speculative but I’ll be watching it close and if it squeezes I’ll be looking to cash in again on this ATM. Defies logic I know, but I am 2/2 when playing ALZM and ready to make it 3/3 tomorrow morning.

That’s it for now, I’ll be online all night if you have any questions.

Jason Bond



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