16 Jan

Fibonacci Retracement Pattern – CCCL Trade


Supermodel Linda Evangelista once told a reporter that she doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 day…

While most Americans were hitting the snooze button on their alarms this morning… I woke up feeling mint… and nearly $10K richer.

No. It’s because I was long the stock market. Heck, if I can predict,what China, the ECB, or the Fed are going to do. Instead , I stick to what I know…trading small-cap stocks.

Watching FBN or CNBC first thing in the AM isn’t on my radar. Scanning for my patterns, spotting potential catalystsand finding value are. 

I got paid from a position that I put on yesterday, one that I thought, if the pattern plays out, I’ll be taking profits well before most people have their first sip of morning coffee… and well before the New York Stock Exchange is open.

fibonacci retracement

Got em’.

Now, if you’re wondering what stock, it’s China Ceramics Co. (CCCL)… but that doesn’t really matter as much. What matters is the pattern here… a repeatable pattern… that if you learn from me… will make you a better trader.

I’m not kidding here… just check out some excerpts from this morning’s Millionaire Roadmap chat… and look at the time too… its a lot easier to wake up when you know large sums of money is waiting to greet you.

Jan 16, 7:09 AM

JC: CCCL @ 2.50, its gonna be a good day

Jan 16, 7:26 AM

BB: Out of CCCL 16% profit. Thanks guys.

Jan 16, 7:54 AM

GT: Thx JB.. Nice start to 2019!

Here’s the thing… I’m teaching my clients how to find trades like this and profit off them.

Of course, I have clients who are cagey vets all the way down to raw rookies. That said, what gets me more excited about people sharing their success, is people asking questions and wanting to learn.

Jan 16, 7:29 AM

LJ: JB.. awesome job with CCCL.. Would you mind going live to explain the pattern and how you found it?

I live for moments like this… and because of that, I want to share with you some of the details and the thought process that goes into a trade like this that netted me over $8K in profits.

It has been one of my go-to-strategies in 2019… and one of the main reasons I’m up nearly $90K in the first two weeks of trading.


Continuing the Hot Streak With My Patterns


You’re probably wondering, “What pattern is this guy talking about, was it the same pattern as yesterday?”

Well, it was actually a completely different from the pattern I used to lock in $13K in Blue Apron Holdings (APRN) yesterday.

This was actually my “rest and retest pattern” – which uses the Fibonacci retracement. Now, if you don’t know what the Fibonacci retracement is, check out this ebook here… it teaches you how to take advantage of small caps and potentially generate high returns.

Well, here’s the chart I was looking at in CCCL.

Fibonacci retracement

Basically, with the Fibonacci retracement, I like to buy on pullbacks. In other words, after a stock has an explosive move… I’m not chasing it. I’ll wait for the stock to come in and find support around a Fibonacci retracement level. Here, the level was around $1.35. When that area held up, I figured it was time to start buying.

Still not getting the idea?

Let’s look at CCCL on the hourly chart.

fibonacci retracement - cccl trade

At the time, I was looking for the stock to get to around $2.

Shortly after I bought CCCL based on my pattern… I was locking in profits.

fibonacci pattern - cccl stock

Now, I ended up holding a quarter of my initial position overnight…

By the time I woke up, the stock was gapping up in the pre-market, and I was up nearly 50% on the trade…

That’s another one right there… Bumping my gains to $88K and we’re only 2 weeks into 2019.

Yet again, the streak continues.

If you want to see how this all works in real-time here’s your chance to see behind the curtain.

The diary of a real $ trader,

Jason Bond


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