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How I Made $7,532 From A Starbucks


The beauty of swing trading is that it truly allows you to make money from anywhere in the world without being chained to your computer.

I suppose the phrase ‘chained to your computer’ is subjective but for me it means buying a small cap stock using the strategy I teach, passively watching it for a few hours or days before selling it for a hopeful profit.

A few weeks ago my power went out on a Friday morning. Without my fast and reliable Time Warner Road Runner (NYSE:TWX) I activated my backup plan, Verizon’s Hotspot  (NYSE:VZ) through my iPhone 5, grabbed my MacBook Pro (NASDAQ:AAPL), jumped in the Land Rover (NYSE:TTM) and headed to Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX).

While the market caps of the publicly traded large caps listed above at $59.45 billion (TWX), $142 billion (VZ), $500.32 billion (AAPL), $20.72 billion (TTM) and $61.39 billion (SBUX) are considerably higher than the small caps I trade, $300 million – $2 billion market caps, they all played a big role in me making $7,432 from a Starbucks one fine Friday morning.

I arrived at Starbucks, ordered a Caffe Americano and settled into a nice cozy leather chair.

After powering up the iPhone and MacBook Pro I quickly scanned U.S. stock futures, which were green and knew it was going to be a great day.

The day before (Thursday) I bought and alerted Glu Mobile (NASDAQ:GLUU) at $3.23 and 12-minutes into Friday’s Starbucks session I sold GLUU at $3.44 +7% overnight +$3,100 profit and a few days after shares hit $3.84, guess I sold too soon on that one.

Clearly having covered the cost of my Caffe Americano I could have easily gone to the mall, do some shopping etc… but decided to take advantage of the green market / Starbucks and make a few more trades / drink a more coffee. I ran some quick midday scans, just like I teach and here’s what followed.

jason bondFriday 11/15/2013 12:08 p.m. EST alerted by email, text and chat room.

Buy alert Bond Blow Ups bought 2,000 TTS at $12.76 looking for this to squeeze before the weekend. Very risky trade, hard to know all the details which is why it’s listed as a Bond Blow Ups.

Friday 11/15/2013 12:32 p.m. EST alerted by email, text and chat room.

Sell alert ROCK -n- ROLL! Sold TTS at $13.75 for $1 / share +8% in under an hours work +$2,000 profit. That’s a Bond Blow Ups baby!

At this point I’m +$5,100, buzzing from too much caffeine and hunting for another winner.

Friday 11/15/2013 1:11 p.m. EST alerted by email, text and chat room.

Buy alert Good afternoon & TGIF! Bond Blow Ups bought 2,000 NQ at $12.64 looking for the Friday reversal and squeeze looking for $.50 to $1 / share. High risk trade which is why it’s a Bond Blow Ups.

There wasn’t any action Friday afternoon on NQ so I headed off to happy hour with friends keeping NQ through the weekend.

Monday 11/18/2013 9:55 a.m. EST alerted by email, text and chat room.

Sell alert ROCK -n- ROLL! NQ over $14, sold $13.86 +10% +$2,432 overnight. That’s swing trading at its best. 5-10% rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. 

learn moreSo in November I made $29,444 swing trading part time without being chained to my computer.

In 2013 I’ve made $265,322 doing the same thing.

The value of my newsletter is not just the alerts but the fact that I teach every component of how to find and make similar trades. If you’d like to learn more, subscribe to my premium services today.


  1. Gerald wenzel

    Jason… Can I make these trades with tdameratrade and with say..$2500 to get started… Its a long story I played options with a local broker made $$$$ but lost more $$$$ I wanted to play stocks but he said I wasn’t set up for that so I never got to use your service when I was signed up before… Now I went to trading on my phone which is nice… Thanks Gerald.$$$$ looking forward to making$$$$

    • Jason Bond

      TD is a good broker. You can trade with $2,500 sure, but your goals would be different than mine of course. Everyone has a different amount of money, so each person will be doing something different. We’re not here to be clones, just make good trades consistently.


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