29 Apr

How To Make $10,000 In 10-Days


I believe in excellent communication daily with my premium clients because they like me have busy lives.

Most of my premium clients trade part time leaning on me to do the heavy lifting for them i.e. scanning, watch listing, alerting etc…

Each night or morning I send my premium clients a watch list providing my thoughts on the boarder indices and stocks I’m looking to buy.

From there I place swing trades during market hours and send those alerts by email and text message in real time.

Here’s how my nightly watch list and daily open trade analysis led to my entry and 17% profit on Millennial Media (NYSE:MM).

Remember, swing trading is about buying when it doesn’t look good and selling when it does, something I teach in video lesson #1.

Watch List Notes

Delivered to clients daily leading up to the buy on Millennial Media

Tuesday April 9, 2013 MM – Big earnings miss Millennial is a decent company and I don’t think they are finished so I’m watching for this consolidation base to stick for a swing back to the gap down resistance around $10. Right now I’m keying $5.87 as the candle over candle to see if this is truly the bottom. Down over 50% in just over a month, the bounce could be nice.

Thursday April 11, 2013 MM – I’m also considering MM around $6.30 as rumors heat up Yahoo might be a buyer, which makes sense. This is a good company to add to your master watch under $10. I’d like to be long this trade when I get in so swing for $8 is what I’m thinking right now.

Friday April 12, 2013 MM – Had a bid in at $6.27 Thursday for 7,000 shares but missed my fill. I’ll be trying to get in this above $6 again Friday and alert you when I do. I like company and it’s recent miss on earnings has afforded me the opportunity to swing trade it. Wednesday there were rumors floating it’s a buyout target of Yahoo and of the hundreds of rumors floating, this one actually makes sense to me. I like it in the $6.20’s – $6.30’s and would probably be long this trade after entry. As with all longs, if I got a big profit fast you’d probably see me take it but right now I think going long this would make a good trade to $9 or about 40% from here.

Monday April 15, 2013 MM – I’ve followed this company for a long time but it’s always been too high priced for the newsletter until recently. Rumors floating that Yahoo is a potential buyer and while I don’t trade off rumors, this one actually makes sense. It’s starting to show signs of coming out of the basing pattern, Friday I wanted the low $6.20’s and didn’t get it but I’m still interested if it gets above the 20 Moving Average around $6.60 or pulls back to support again just above $6. I’m thinking this will be a long, so it’s a good one for those who like more flexible entries and exits.

Buy Alert

Sent by email and text in real time on Monday 4/15/13

Monday April 15, 2013 Bought 5,000 MM at $6.23 scaling in. Plan is to buy more around $6 or $6.30’s.

Open Trade Analysis

Sent daily so clients know my thoughts on every portfolio position

Tuesday April 16, 2013 MM – 5,000 at $6.23, currently $6.32. Last week I missed a few chances to get this in the $6.20’s so I was happy to get the price I wanted Monday. Scaling in meaning I’ll buy another 5,000 shares just above $6 or in the $6.30’s.

Wednesday April 17, 2013 MM – 5,000 at $6.23 swing, currently $6.26. Sideways action Tuesday, still looking to buy another 5,000 just above $6 or in the $6.30’s. If this plays nicely, it’s possibly I’ll hold it longer than a swing. 

Scaling Alert

Sent by email and text in real time on Wednesday 4/17/13

Wednesday April 17, 2013 Added 5,000 MM at $6.07 now long 10,000 at $6.15.

Sell Alert

Sent by email and text in real time on Thursday 4/25/13

Thursday April 25, 2013 Rock -n- Roll! MM is swing trading at its best. About 1-week in the trade and $10,214 profit for me or 17%. Couldn’t look at 5-figures for long without taking it haha – not a bad problem to have on a Thursday in April! Sun is shining!!! I think it has more in the tank but I’m getting paid, rinse and repeat.

“Great call brother. Made $16,000 on that one.” ~ Patrick B.

“JB, Couldn’t be more excited too. Woke up early morning, sell order executed at 7.2 for 15% gain, +$2,380! You are the man! Cheers!” ~ Nathan F.

“Out MM @ $7.16. Four MM trades total: +$.20, +$.61, +$.26, +$.09 …thanks, JB, for showing me the way!” ~ Chris N.

“Can’t handle that anymore… Sold MM $6.92 +$.67 from $6.25 average. Thanks JB.” ~ Dzmitry S.

“Out other half MM 12.8% thank you JB!!!” ~ Sheila C.


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  1. Nicholas Bogolea

    you’re a beast Jason. Gonna start callin you J-Bone for knockin em dead skull and cross-bone style. So glad to be affiliated with this service commin up on a full year now


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