10 Jun

Humpty Dumpty; The Great Wall Builders GWBU Stock Pump Is About To Dump


Stock promotion i.e. pump and dumps are rather elementary, promoters tout stock to rudimentary traders and when the promotion ends the stock plummets because there are no real bids at the artificial levels. With that in mind, it’s fitting to start this blog post with a nursery rhyme. What? You didn’t know Great Wall Builders (OTCBB:GWBU) stock was a promotion bound to dump like the promoter’s previous picks Sunpeaks Ventrues (OTCBB:SNPK) now (OTCBB:SNPKE) with the E meaning delinquent in required filings with the SEC, North Springs Resources (OTCBB:NSRS), Raystream (OTCBB:RAYS) and Amwest Imaging (OTCBB:AMWI)? I used to be an elementary education teacher for 10 years… so let’s start with the basics.

GWBU stock sat on a wall;
GWBU is about to have a great fall!
All the pumper’s horses (Awesome Penny Stocks and Penny Pic)
And all the pumper’s men (Preferred Penny Stocks and Free Investment Report)
Won’t put GBWU’s stock together again!

Okay, back to the real world. GWBU stock has been pumped for almost 6 weeks now walked up from $.40 in early May to a high of $1.95 on Thursday with Friday’s close at $1.63. Make no mistake, these are the biggest stock promoters on Wall Street and while I have nothing against stock promotion, I do believe all holders should be on watch for GWBU’s inevitable dump.

Dump?! What Jason Bond?! Awesome Penny Stocks said it could hit $8! You’re just a hater Jason Bond! How could it dump if it’s going to hit $8 according to the promoters that are seemingly untouchable by the SEC despite $8 – $10 price targets on SNPK and GWBU? Well my friends, let’s just run a background check before we go any further.

Keep in mind, I called the NSRS tank the day before it fell apart and saved subscribers hundreds of thousands of dollars to say the least – calling the NSRS promotion top

GWBU is Awesome Penny Stocks current pick…


The same stock promoters recent pick…

Think I’m just poaching traffic since GWBU is the hot pump right now? Think again… this SNPK now SNPKE blog save innocent traders hundreds of thousands of dollars by simply making them aware of how to trade pumps. Wall Street’s ugliest charts and how you can learn to avoid them.

Don’t believe me? Check out some of their old promotions I’ve written about below, how about the charts below that, look familiar?

The NSRS Stock Promotion Is Ending, Here’s How I Know

Raystream (RAYS) Stock; A Predictable Dump After The Blatant Pump

The AMWI Stock Dump Caught Live And On Demand From JasonBondPicks – this video will make you sick

Is POWT A Scam? BestDamnPennyStocks Promotion Crushes Subscribers

This is the harsh reality of trading penny stocks

Now let me go on record, I have nothing against stock promotion. To be quite honest, I love trading volatile picks like this but it’s not for the beginners. I say this so many times I feel like a broken record but I teach people how to profit from such blatant manipulation. You can bet my subscribers know better than to buy and hold GWBU at this point in the game and by the way, some of my biggest losses have come from stock promotion so I’ve been there my friends.

Awesome Penny Stocks pick before SNPK now SNPKE…

Preferred Penny Stocks pick before GWBU…

Yup, they released Rarus Technologies as a decoy pump and dump to stop front loaders from entering their picks, sucked in about $25,000,000 yes $25 million and dumped it all the next 3 days.

So unlike SNPK I’m giving you a warning… if you didn’t know what you are caught up in you better get your guard up immediately and subscribe to my premium swing trading newsletter to learn more on how the world of stock promotion works.


  1. Hubes

    It appears to me that it’s safe to buy and sell the promoted stock at least within the first two days of promotion, am I right mr Bond?

    • Jason Bond

      Case by case I suppose, not sure you can trust them.

  2. Doug

    GWBU is not like any APS promos from the past. This thing still has room to run IMO, but will dump eventually just like all the others.

  3. Doug Walls

    Very foolish, to buy these pump and dump PERIOD !!! There is too many swing trades to make a good 5% to 10% on, why even bother with the unpredictability of a PUMP and DUMP scam !!!! I tried and tried to figure out a rime or reason on a way to figure out a trend on pump and dumps on stockpromotors.com. All pump and dumps don’t automatically behave the same way.

  4. Ken

    CLNO was climbing nicely, but Friday, a huge group decided to jump on it for monday, so Friday they began preloading it, and at end of day, forced a cap up to .12 cents. Typically, when this happens, the stock goes up quickly, then the folks that preloaded it, dump on it, HARD.

    For those that play promo’s (I myself tink it wise to stay away, is GBGM) it will released at 0930. Alot of newsleters behind it, another 30 minute wonder

  5. Chris

    Not to be naive, but if all of the websites are owned by Centro Azteca, why wouldn’t they start at the same time, which was 5/15, and end at the same time ($100K for a two month promotion)?

    • Jason Bond

      That I don’t know.

  6. ALlen

    Hey Jason,

    Nice analysis.

    But there is a big difference from GWBU than the other stock you compared it to.

    GWBU is stabilized with a nice plateau. The others all go UP and DOWN with no stabilization.

    Do you think this stabilization plays any key role in determining if this stock will dump?

  7. Phenrod

    You don’t know when the promoters are going to stop promoting and start dumping. The current price is wholly dependent on their level of promotion. You’re completely at thier mercy, plateau or not.

  8. ALlen

    You just have to buy EARLY and sell 1-2 month later. I sold all my GWBU yesterday and made a fortune. I hope GWBU does not go over 2$ or else I’ll regret my action 🙂

  9. Mitch

    Hey, I know what you are saying Jason, but if you take a look at the most recent news regarding the company you will see that Mercedes is testing this technology as we speak and you know BMW and other European automakers are probably going to follow suit, You will also not that the company has now made the technology work for marine motors. Why? My guess is they have already been approached by marine manufacturers who have interest. So I think this one may have a real shot. I am new to this but I just wanted to put out my opinion.

    Cheers, Mitch

    • James

      Please dont believe everything you hear.

  10. Michael

    Is this still a viable option now that it is trading around 30 cents?

    • Jason Bond

      Not for me it’s not.

  11. Ron

    Why can’t you wait for a peak and then short the stock. It seemed to have worked the last three or four picks.

    • Jason Bond

      You can for sure, but finding shares of these stocks to short is not easy.

  12. will wofford

    GWBU Bought some today June 29th between 15-16 cents. I figure at this price any little bit of positive news could easily double the price. I realize its speculation but I feel this company does have more potential than your run of the mill penny stocks and if nothing else a dead cat bounce from the recent freefall…….We;ll see…………WW

    • Jason Bond

      Okay, good luck on that… looks like you’re up $.03 here so decent start.

  13. Eddy Umberger

    How can know when get out of GWBU and know that is the best I can do or should I just eat my loss and sell now.

    • Jason Bond

      Can someone else help Eddy here? I can’t comment on this one.

  14. NicholasBogolea

    i lost 8k the first day it dumped from 1.69. they slowly unloaded for a couple days and then….BAM!!. i was convinced that it would break 2 dollars with them saying they’d shut down their newsletter (so was gonna get out at 1.98) if it didn’t break 2 dollars. figured theres no way they would…. unless the owners decided to cash in their chips for good. looks like they may have as they have sent out nothing about GWBU since 50cents:(

  15. NicholasBogolea

    just and FYI for anyone who reads this. I’ve learned more about trading in a couple weeks being onboard with Jason than i have in the past year. He’s and excellent communicator and does a fantastic job breaking things down with simplicity. Made 1k dollars off of one of his oversold picks BIOL 3day swing trade. its very exciting having technically sound predictions with smart entry and exit points maximizing our gains and minimizing our losses with tight stop losses. definitely see myself doing this full-time in the next year or two.

  16. GaryPalys

    I’ve lost on every pump & dump I went into… My own fault, never had cash available when the pump started, so when the cash was available, I jumped in. Yeah, you can say it… “Idiot!”

  17. Jeff Burton

    Is this another Alex Barta Scam?

    • Jason Bond

      It’s a scam, yes.


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