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27 Jun

I Almost Peed My Pants When A Subscriber Sent Me This


I have the best subscribers on Wall Street, hands down! Even with over 340 users in our chat daily we still maintain an extremely efficient business environment. Honestly, the mods and I don’t even need to moderate because there’s very little off topic chatter, no swear words and a lot of money making ideas. I’m convinced my service is growing because the people who subscribe to Jason Bond Picks are professional traders there day in and day out to make money.

Having said that, there’s always room for joking around during lunch or after hours so I simply couldn’t help but share this picture a subscriber sent to me today at lunch. When you trade stocks under $10 you have to have a little sense of humor to deflect the criticisms you’ll take from Blue Chip snobs who are too good for small caps i.e. penny stocks like KWK which has pretty much doubled since my alert and yes, it’s on the NYSE and under $5.

So anyway, when we crush trades like KWK (Bought & alerted at $2.98 on 6/14, today’s close $5.01) we joke about our profit with comparisons to cheddar etc… you get the idea. Now if you exclude my bed wetting years, I’ve been close to peeing my pants a few times in my life due to laughter and when I saw this picture a subscriber sent me around lunch, I damn near fell out of my chair.

Click here to see the funniest picture a subscriber has sent


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AND… share that picture around, maybe we can get Jim Cramer to comment?

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  1. Doug

    Who are you supposed to be ? Jim Cramer with the buy and sell buttons ? How funny !!!!

    • Jason Bond

      Classic right?! A subscriber sent that over, I love it.

  2. @Mark

    Aaw, that’s just cheesy!

  3. ZorelYu

    Awesome!!! 🙂

  4. Doug

    Yes, Very funny picture. Hey quick question, Do you like fixed stops or trailing stops ? If so when you first buy a stock where do you set your stop below where you bought the stock ?

    • Jason Bond

      Sometimes fixed stops Doug, simply depends on the trade but I do not use trailing stops. You can do a stop below or a conditional order which allows you to place a stop and a limit above for your target.

  5. Doug

    Yep, that’s the kind of order I use, the conditional one, I usually put a 15% limit above where I bought that way if there is a spike and I am asleep at the wheel it locks in my profits, then when I buy I set a 10% trailing stop below where I bought it. Then if I wake up in the morning and I see my stock going up hard I tighten my trailing stop up to 2% below where its at , so I can lock in profits or if it keeps going up some more my trailing stop can follow it up even higher locking in more. What do you think about my strategy and pattern of thinking on this subject Jason ?

    • Jason Bond

      Seems to make sense… for me it’s all about adjusting day to day and refining my strategy.

  6. Doug

    Hey Jason, I started with $1,100.00 using your swing style trading, and now 6 month’s later I am at $3,059.00 . My method is as simple as this. I like stocks between 1.00 and 5.00 that have recently fell off a cliff of at least 25% down in one day. Then I like to watch the stock level out for at least 1 week. Then I buy and just wait for some good news and hope it goes up 5% to 10% rinse and repeat. So my question is am I doing OK as your student ? Anything you think I could brush up on ?

    • Jason Bond

      I think you’re doing great Doug, what you described is the core of my service and we’ve been doing it for almost 2 years now. Keep it up!


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