30 Sep

Jason’s Q4 and 2021 Plans



So 2020 has been a rollercoaster year for me and I think it’s unlikely I’ll finish the year profitable, but I am going to try and make a run at it in Q4. I took some monster sized trades this year, especially in Q1, that just missed the move and resulted in big losses I’ve yet to overcome. But overall I feel very confident in my trading and so to set the stage for 2021, I’m going to announce my plans now and put them into effect in Q4 2020, which starts Oct. 1.

Broker: TastyWorks. By far the best commissions on options. It’s a significant savings based on how I trade. I also love their desktop interface for option spread trading and the APP is easy to use as well, which is important to me since I don’t like to be behind my computer all day.

JasonBondPicks STOCKS: Focus will be on small-cap stock momentum. Since small caps generally don’t have options, I will only be trading stocks in this service, pretty much the same as it’s always been. Advance notice will go out in the morning, sometimes midday too if appropriate. Goal is 10-20% profit intraday or on a gap using Fibonacci to determine entries and exits. Swing trades on stocks with strong catalysts will continue as well so hold times are generally a week or so.

JasonBondPicks OPTIONS: I’ll be renaming Weekly Windfalls to this and it’s where I’ll do my options trading. Same patterns I use on small cap stock momentum but applied to mid-large cap stock options. Selling premium (spreads) will absolutely continue to be a main component of this service. However, I will supplement that strategy with buying calls and puts too. A good example was my Rooster Report trade on TSLA in which I sold a vertical put spread to collect premium but also bought calls expecting a move up in the stock – within a few days I collect nearly 100% of the put premium and made over 100% on the call options for over $40,000 in profit. I’ve covered this strategy in the Masterclass, so watch lesson 2 parts I&II, as well as lesson 4. I’ll do training on this as well. This has now become my favorite way to trade and you’ve probably heard me speak passionately about it in any of my recent classes. Hold times are generally swing trades so a week or so.

Rooster Report: Simply my favorite trade that day selected premarket and then alerted in real-time. Could be a stock or option. Could be a small, mid or large cap. Hold times are generally swing trades so a week or so.

Monday Movers: Simply my favorite trades Friday afternoon headed into the weekend. As a general rule I post my ideas around 2 p.m. ET Friday and shortly after I take my positions and alert in real-time. 

Charitable Giving: Over the past few years I’ve donated over $500,000 of my trading profits to charities either selected by subscribers of my services or RagingBull. As I noted above, 2020 has not been my year, so sadly, I haven’t been able to bump that number up from my trading. Effective Q4 or Thursday, Oct. 1, I am ending this initiative with my trading as it will not be a focus in 2021. Of course I will continue to give, I believe very strongly in giving, however, it’ll no longer be directly tied to my trading profits as it has been the last few years. 

Teaching: If you subscribe to one or more of my premium services, effective Thursday, Oct. 1, I intend to ramp up my availability to that entire group with regular LIVE training of all my strategies, regardless of the service you subscribe to. If you subscribe to Monday Movers, you can attend a Jason Bond Picks training, etc… They will all be important and I want everyone here to have availability to them. You can think of this as an evolving Masterclass. Lessons will be 30 minutes or less and cover a variety of trading topics related to how I’m approaching my trading in Q4 2020 and 2021 to try and get back on track. If you’ve struggled at all in 2020, like I have, or simply want to trade better in 2021, attend these trainings and I’ll do my best to teach you what I’m doing to regain my focus.

Social Media: I will be active on social media but as a general rule I do NOT do private messages. Most of the time my private messages are disabled. If anyone approaches you on social media claiming to be me and asks you for bitcoin or to wire money, it’s a scam and you should report them. This is a very common fraud in which scammers go as far as making fake passports of me or other RagingBull gurus to deceive unsuspecting and innocent followers of mine. Again, I do NOT initiate private messages and for the most part, mine are turned off so if you are contacted, immediately report the account so the scammers don’t take advantage of someone else who didn’t read this note. Here’s a list of the active RagingBull social media accounts so you can filter out the fakes. I will do many of my trainings on Facebook and Youtube, which is why I bring this up. You will see me training all of Q4 and 2021 so look out for these gatherings, I look forward to seeing you online. 

This is my focus for Q4 2020 and 2021. I don’t think I missed anything but if I did, I’ll be sure to circle back.



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