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Lots To Discuss Tonight

Wow what a day! We have a lot to review and I’ll be doing several videos after dinner… I may trade like a stinkin robot but I am human and need the essentials like E*Trade Pro, coffee, more coffee, beer and oh yes, my point was I also eat food and sleep once and a while.

First, congratulations to those of you who cashed in on ALZM, click here for my current thoughts on riding that one much further. Nothing wrong with trading hype, just don’t get caught in the inevitable flush.

And how about GFRE, we knew that was coming and I know many of you bought at $5.50 support. I missed it and won’t chase it, but nice job guys, I think there is a lot of upside now for you there.

Locked in another 16% win on LEXG and I know many of you did too. Glad to see it finally came around. I realize it was a bullish day and I left money on the table but you need to understand when I set a course I stick to it, up or down. At the end of the year, it all adds up to be one big number.

So I picked up 3,000 shares of CHGS after it pulled back on the gap, I think it could run again this week. Quick stop here, about $3.15 on this one.

Also grabbed 5,000 shares of LOCM at $3.63. Had to sit on the bid all day and let it come back to me but there is good upside here and excellent support right around my 10% stop of $3.25 so I have managed to hedge my bet well on this one which I typically try to do. This way I don’t get stopped out on a pullback to support, it’s a method you’ll want to learn.

Finally, I sat on the bid of BLUG for the last couple of days hoping to get filled, I refuse to buy this one on the ask with no volume. Managed to get a partial fill of 100k shares at $.0205, but I refuse to chase the ask due to the big spread.  Looks like they’ll be reducing the number of shares 5 to 1 come April 1st so I figured it couldn’t hurt. I might sit on the bid and try and grab some more.

Okay, I’ll have some videos out later so check back, lots to break down.

Jason Bond

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