11 Jan

Put My Winning Strategies To Work For You!


Swing trading is defined as a style of trading that attempts to capture gains in a stock within one to four days. Swing traders use technical analysis to look for stocks with short-term price momentum. These traders aren’t interested in the fundamental or intrinsic value of stocks, but rather in their price trends and patterns.

Investopedia says, “To find situations in which a stock has the extraordinary potential to move in such a short time frame, the trader must act quickly. Therefore, swing trading is mainly used by at-home and day traders. Large institutions trade in sizes too big to move in and out of stocks quickly. The individual trader is able to exploit such short-term stock movements without having to compete with the major traders.”

My swing trades are designed to make money without being chained to your computer all day and are perfect for working professionals who don’t have the time to day trade, but still want to actively trade the market. I send 3-5 swing trade alerts every week right to your email inbox and right to your smart phone. How’s my performance lately you’re wondering? Here’s what you missed over the last 2-months.

35 swing trade alerts

30 wins & 5 losses

85.71% winning rate

$41,450 profit

How about 2013 performance, I mean who cares about last year, right? In the last 11 days, here are my statistics.

9 swing trade alerts

7 wins & 2 losses

77.78% winning rate

$19,050 profit 


My strategy works and I can teach it to you. I have 20 video lessons, a master watch list, a daily watch list, an 8-hour instruction course The Basics of Swing Trading and the biggest stock chat on Wall Street, 410 clients as I type, run by the best traders, where you can day trade if you want more action. I’m proud of my newsletter and my performance to start 2013, but I’m more proud clients like John below are benefiting from it and feel the way they do. Isn’t time you stop trying to beat Wall Street alone?

“I’ve been a subscriber with Jason for the past 3 months.  I am always hesitant to write testimonials because so often they’re based on just one or two trades, and don’t take into account the many losses along the way. Jason is consistently hitting 80 to 85% of his calls in my experience. Heck, the video lessons alone are worth the price of at least trying him out for three months.  Jason is a very disciplined trader who often leaves money on the table, but takes his profits steadily.  Everyone can use their own risk aversion techniques but there is no argument that he is making profitable calls over and over again.  I woke up to a $5,000 profit on NUGT yesterday, and have made over $20,000 in the past three weeks alone While I do have a larger portfolio, Jason’s service has been very worthwhile for my trading.  I’ve traded for over 30 years; stocks, options, and bonds, and this is the best service I’ve used in that time.  Another thing: I’ve been a member of chat rooms where every other word in an expletive. Jason doesn’t tolerate any of that nonsense, and the minute the chat room gets a little negative or off task he is quick to get things back on track.  I’ve only seen him ban one person because the people in the room respect him and his rules.  Thanks JB! I’ll be renewing my subscription for sure.”               ~ Scott Joens

Sign up today and then show up to my new member orientation Sunday so you can start making money with Jason Bond Picks.

Check out my calendar, I have new client orientation this Sunday January 13, 2013 at 10 a.m. EST in my chat room. I assure you, even if you never make a single trade with me like Scott has above, you’ll get your money worth in the education alone.

Join my winning team today.

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    Thanks jason for giving me still a part of your trading ideas. I really need those now that my wallet has slimmed down quite a bit. I, will follow your penny stock or 1.00 picks to start growing some money. Thanks for communicating with us. You re a good guy


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