11 Nov

Struggling Traders To Millionaires


I don’t know what it is with me and cars…but about two years ago I started gifting Porsche 911’s away. Now, these didn’t go out to random folks nor was it part of some kind of sweepstakes. In fact, to get a Porsche 911 from me, you’ll have to earn it.

What does it take?

$1M in trading profits.

Sound impossible?

If you asked me a decade ago I would have thought so too.

However. Kyle Dennis, a student of mine was able to turn $15K into over $1M in less than two years. Kyle recently cracked $5M in trading profits – I’m so stoked for him. Check out how Kyle went from being a broke college student to a multi-millionaire here.

But Kyle has to be some kind of outlier right?

It’s true, Kyle is a very gifted trader, but like you and I, he wasn’t born with the skills or knowledge to make money in the stock market. But with the right mentorship, he was able to achieve his trading goals a lot faster. Take a look at how he’s scheduling paychecks and cashing out every week.

Now, some of you have a lot at stake. A family, financial obligations, a job- you name it. Believe me, its not an easy juggling act, but by helping each other we can reach great heights. For example, Nathan Bear, a father of four, is my second client to receive a Porsche 911 from me.

But before you can speed off in a 911, you’ll need to be comfortable walking. And it’s okay if you are in the crawling stage. We all start at the same place. I’m here to help you along the way.

You see, so many new traders go through struggles. They think they can just go out and start hitting monster trades that double their money fast. Worse, they think there is something wrong with them if they can’t do it right away.

But here’s the thing.

The more patient you are – the more money you’ll make in the stock market. 

It’s not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a marathon. Start thinking longevity and you’ll be shocked at how fast you make gains.

So as I get ready to celebrate my latest client Taylor’s success, it got me thinking, what characteristics did these millionaire traders all have in common. I was able to break it down to three, and here they are:

 1) They all invested in themselves by joining Millionaire Roadmap (MRM).

Kyle Dennis lost 50% of his $16,000 portfolio before joining my service.

Losing half of your portfolio is pretty scary, and you might start trading scared after that – potentially making more mistakes. I know, because I was once there too. Luckily I had mentors that helped me avoid those costly errors while I  was figuring things out. I asked my mentors questions about their trades and nearly everything about the markets. I eventually developed my own trading style and strategies that took me from being $250K in debt to a multimillionaire.

Kyle joined Jason Bond Picks November 2013 and paid just $297 per quarter. Just under two years later, he upgraded to the Millionaire Roadmap service. After joining our community of successful traders, some things started to click for Kyle and he’s turned $15,000 into $5,000,000+. If you’re wondering if he got a Porsche – yes he did.

Nathan Bear had lost over $40,000 the year before joining the community.

Like Kyle, Nathan was getting beat up by the markets. Eventually, he realized he would need a mentor so he signed up to my service. After learning how to trade, he developed his own trading style. In under 3 years, he’s turned $37,000 into $1,500,000+. For his success, I gifted him a Porsche 911. Click here to see how Nathan went from the corporate rat race to a small business owner with 4 children to a million dollar trader.

(Jeff Bishop, Kyle Dennis, me and Terrell Owens gifting Nathan his Porsche)

Taylor Conway who started with just $30K in his account and nearly lost it all before joining MRM. This is a guy who doesn’t have a college education and started at the ground level. After joining MRM, he reinvented himself while perfecting his strategy, in the process turning $10K into $1,000,000+! Check out how he was able to do that here.

2) They developed their own strategies and didn’t mirror my trades.

The beauty of joining a trading community is that you get to meet like-minded people. Individuals who share the same ideas about stocks as you.

Communicate and interact, ask questions and learn from each other. But we’re all a little different. Some of us are more risk-averse than others. So figuring out what works for you is very critical…you won’t achieve the same level of success as these millionaire traders by simply copying and pasting my trades. It’s okay to have the same trade idea, but you have to own the trade, it needs to become yours.

3) They are consistent traders and don’t try to hit home runs all the time.

Over the years, I’ve found consistency is key to building wealth. Traders who always try to hit home runs typically go broke several times over. It’s a lot easier to have multiple four- or five-figure winners than trying to hit a six-figure trade.

They, and I – of course, know it’s easier to get enough contact then the home runs will come naturally. There’s no reason to swing for the fences every time.

You see, it’s not impossible to turn a small account into 7 figures in a short amount of time. Kyle, Nathan, and Taylor did it – and you can too. Like these guys, you’ll need a mentor, to develop your own trading style, and focus on consistency before looking for home runs.

The diary of a real $ trader,

Jason Bond


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