9 Dec

The AMWI Stock Dump Caught Live And On Demand From JasonBondPicks


I’m giving you the personal responsibility of sending this video to everyone you love so they don’t lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on scams like Amwest Imaging (OTCBB:AMWI). I warned everyone this would happen Wednesday before it dumped 84% Thursday from the high. Read the article on my website I posted Wednesday called, Mega Pumps Bound To Dump; 3 Stocks Under $5 To Consider Short.

Thursday AMWI was up well over 100% at times before crashing from $1.39 to $.225 in just about 1 hour and I recorded the whole thing to teach the unsuspecting and / or ignorant how to avoid and / or profit from stocks like this. AMWI will go down as one of the biggest dumps in 2011 alongside of Lithium Exploration Group Inc. (OTCBB:LEXG).

Most of the people buying these stocks have the least amount of experience and I only meet them after they’ve been hit hard like one of my subscribers who lost $100,000 on the SFIO scam. To learn how to short penny stocks read this blog post I did recently.

This video could save you or someone you love hundreds of thousands of dollars which is why I spent almost 1 hour recording it live so you can learn not only how to avoid getting caught swimming with Tiger sharks but also how to profit from such blatant manipulation.

Again, take the time to share this video with everyone you love because you never know when they’ll get a stock tip like this and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on scams like this.



  1. Gary

    Sorry to bother you especially with a dumb question. Thank you for writing up the AMWI scam! I’m still trying to work up the courage to short obvious pumps. The one out of ten that manage a brief but huge short squeeze (like RAYS recently) where you receive a margin call long before the stock crashes (which it ALWAYS does) scare me away. For example100% of the ones that mail me promo mtl are pumps. Like LOGL (obvious pump), I should have shorted it but did not. It stayed stuck at $2 for over a month then crashed to a dollar in a few hours. I would not have had the patience to wait that long, Long flatline: a sure sign of two crooks selling the same stock back and forth

    My Question: you wrote “SIFO scam”. What does SIFO mean? Thanks in advance. Gary w0tm on Youtube

    • Jason Bond

      I agree, timing the short is hard but it’s a pretty sure fire way of making money in the stock market if you can win more than you lose. The way I go at it is trying to short after it’s made a new high and cover my short if it continues to squeeze from there which only leads to a small loss. Or short after the first down day assuming that might be the end of the run, hence short the first crack from the watch list I put out on AMWI. Regarding your question, SFIO is the company ticker for Smokefree Innotec and it went down in flames recently too. http://thestockmarketwatch.com/stock.aspx?stock=SFIO

    • Rick Nickles

      I lost about $1000 on one of these Penny Stocks
      and I vowed never to do this again. I’m on a fixed income and this is my living expenses – and it was stupid. I was looking for a way to get out of the hole that I’ve been in. But it’s obvious that most of these are pump and dump scams but there are people who make money on these. It seems that if you can get in the second they start pumping the stock and get out fairly quickly you can make money – but I’m not experienced to know when that is really – I considered saving money for when they run up the next stock but I don’t know if I should or not. I think I’ll just take the money and pay my taxes with it instead. I’m trying to find a way to prove to people that I’m not this disabled piece of trash that they can just kick around and treat like dirt – so I’m pretty desperate to find a way to support myself. I just don’t know what that is yet. I think stocks are a suckers game just like the lottery – by the time I find out about a stock it’s too late. For example – by the time I found out about GMCR it had already been run up and was ready to take a dive and it did. I don’t know how to find good deals which aren’t scams. I think Jim Kramer may be right that I should start by looking around my local community and see who is making money – but mills are shutting down and businesses are going out of business left and right and few people are hiring anyone. Even the bank is closing several branches and the grocery store is shutting down locations.

  2. John

    AMWI ripped me off so bad. I lost a lot of money on them. Do you have any penny stock picks that can dig me out of the horrible hole Jason?

    • Jason Bond

      I had a few good ideas so far this week John but both have fallen with the broader market. I’ll keep you posted if I come up with anything good. Be sure to sign up for my free email list if you’re not on it.

    • John

      Thanks and I will definitely do that! Do you send some picks through the free e-mail service? Either way I’m very interested and hopefully I can bounce back a little from this hit and sign up as a premium member.

      Thanks again

      • Jason Bond

        I send watch lists daily but I don’t send my trade alerts to the free list sorry. Entry and exit are the hardest part of trading so that’s what I’ve chosen to sell. I’m running a class tonight at 9 p.m. EST – hope to see you there.


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