26 Oct

The Come Up



At times it’s shocking to see how things started and how they ended up. 

Sitting down to dinner with my wife we started discussing how a few years ago we would pick up fast food to celebrate our wins in life.

Or simply just for dinner…

We tried to take down our colossal combined, but on our embarrassingly low salaries as teachers… and not even a few thousand in our bank account at the time… the struggle was real.

My goals weren’t very lofty… I didn’t try to make millions of dollars trading… when I first started, I just wanted to stop taking on odd jobs and picking up aluminum cans after going to a high school football game.

Sure, I left my job as a schoolteacher… but I was always passionate about it.

Teaching and coaching always had its rewarding moments. Seeing kids succeed at life with what they learned in my classroom and on the court.

Teaching gave me something else, the ability to train myself on the skills necessary to become a great trader in addition to becoming an excellent provider for my family.

Here we are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary just last month with our son.



The spark was never lost between my wife Pamela and me…  it just brings me so much joy to think we would have hardly go out to eat at fancy restaurants. I didn’t wine and dine Pamela, but she still stuck by my side, even through the toughest of times.

That gave me the strength and allowed me to have faith in myself to walk away from a path that was giving us a subpar life.

From worrying if you can make it to payday and seeing your whole check get swallowed by bills… to pulling in about two years‘ worth of my old teaching salary in just a few weeks’ time.

I want you guys and gals to have the same choice I had. To take that leap of faith into financial freedom.

To be able to follow your dream by being so successful you get to enjoy them.

But you have to do the work.

Of course, I worked hard, but I didn’t go at it alone… I had a mentor that walked me through the process. Once I figured out how to trade and profit consistently… I wanted to bring my best strategies to the masses.


I love teaching and I love to help others succeed just the way I have.

I started this company and give out my options trading strategies out because that is how confident I am in the fact that it works.

Buying and selling options without guidance can seem like setting out to climb Mt. Everest without ever even taking a simple hike before.

That is why you must work for it.

Without the effort of growing your skills daily to become constantly successful, it will be hit or miss on a grand scale when it comes to your trades. 

You will find yourself dwelling your losses instead of enjoying your wins in trading.



It is also easy to fall into the thinking that you need to pursue education from a top-tier university to be a successful trader….

… an intimidating degree from the right university to set you up for a good life.

We are led to believe this to be true and while it works out for few, rarely is it the golden key to success.



The trader mindset is something no professor can teach you.

There are little nuances that you need to understand because shoving your chips into stocks.

An error that can kill your rise to success is falling into the practice where trading becomes gambling. 

Frankly, it isn’t uncommon either. 

Trading should never feel or resemble a busted Vegas experience…

…no matter how the market is doing.  

You might start to catch yourself refusing to walk away when your trades take a turn for the worst. Refusing to pull out at a loss or being influenced into staying in a trade beyond your limit.



Keep in mind not everyone strikes gold on their first go at trading. Sometimes not even on their second and third go at it.

You have to be resilient in working towards success. 

I didn’t become the man I am today overnight or on my own.

I put in the hours, effort, and sweat to get where I am financially and mentally. To pull my family out of $250k of drowning debt. 

All thanks to working daily to make it happen no matter what obstacles fell in my way.



I am here to guide you away from the fumbles and disappointments that life might have already given you. To provide you with the skills and knowledge to place yourself where you always desired to sit financially.

But this isn’t magic that puts money in your account overnight. However, it is exactly what will fill that account over time. 

Success is constant improvement and growth. Refusing to settle for mediocrity.


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