5 Sep

The Strength Of A Family, Like The Strength Of An Army, Is In Its Loyalty To Each Other


Mario Puzo was an Italian American author and screenwriter. He was born to a poor family but achieved greatness writing books that drew heavily on his heritage. Puzo’s most famous work, The Godfather published in 1969. I happen to share Mario’s belief that, “The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other” and family is something we work on everyday here at Jason Bond Picks. We’re beating Wall Street for a reason and with almost 400 traders in the premium chat daily, I believe we’re the biggest on Wall Street and the family is only getting stronger each week. We have winning and losing trades yes, but we win more than we lose and do so consistently. As such, from time to time, I like to share the successes I pick up on in chat or that are emailed to me. Whether you make $350,000 on a trade like Jim did or are just settling in like Micah, one thing is for certain, this service grows with each triumph and struggle because we, unlike most, work together with a core set of family principles.

I admire your patience on ZAGG – most traders would have bailed. Hopefully your steady influence kept many in the game as well. We rode it out for over a $350,000 profit.  Good advice on your part. ~ Jim S. (Hedge Fund)

Best day I have had with you JB +$1,400 in ZAGG, thank you very much! ~ Wendell J.

Yesterday marked my first 3 month’s with JB picks. In my first month I lost $5,000 learning how to properly use the information and watching the video’s. I have also learned patience is very key in trading. Layering in buys is the second most valuable key I have learned. Now at the end of 3 month’s I am up $10,000!  Thanks for the great tips! This service is an amazing tool! Keep up the great work everyone. ~ Jeremy G.

Lock up ZAGG for $4,700 total. ~ Chris L.

I started trading a last November with $30,000. I traded it up to $54,000 in about 2 months all on my own. But it was blind, dumb-luck. I lost all but $14,000, mostly to pump and dump con artists. I signed up for you service months ago but wasn’t able to trade until last week. So I haven’t been able to ride along on any of the recent big gainers (I opted for VRNG instead of ZAGG and Options house would not let me buy LYSCF — bummer).  Anyway, I’ve learned a lot by watching your video lessons and following along in chat. You have a great service here and, as you say, a great family.  So far, I’m down about $900, but that’s nothing compared to what I lost on my own. Besides, I think I’m in the right plays now and am trying to master the discipline of patience that you exhibit. Your confidence is inspiring. Watching ZAGG play out was incredible (it made me incredibly jealous but still…) I believe the same potential is there for VRNG. Keep it up my good sir! ~ Micah R.

JB thanks for ZAGG, out +$5,100 ~ Ryan S.


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