7 Apr

This Must Change, Immediately!


Okay, so we all know I am addicted to trading pretty much anything from $.01 to $5.00 and I’ll drift slightly above or below at times too.

So now that I am mostly done designing the website I am getting very active again. The issue is I don’t think it’s a good idea to text and email you every single time I do something and I am sure you’d agree. So after some thought, I have devised a plan to meet everyone’s needs on this lists. Remember, I want you to learn my strategy and I want you to make money, period!

I attack stocks based on what they give me and not the other way around. As such, my most common trades include: flips, shorting, swings and short term. Depending on your schedule, you can follow all of just some of my method. Here is how we’ll do it moving forward.

Flips will be presented in my new chat room and on the blog

Swings and short term will be presented by text and email as well as in chat and on the blog

Definitions and examples

Flip or day trade is an entry and exit within a very short period of time, successful examples in the last two days include PLPE from $.85 – $.94 today and SNSS yesterday from $1.98 – $2.14. I pick these up from premarket scans and my watch lists. They aren’t good for text messaging and email because they are often much higher by the time I can get that information out. So my programmer is loading a chat room which is a better tool for you to use when trying to follow this type of trade. I’ll also post these to the ‘LIVE Alerts’ section the moment I make them for those of you who can’t be in the chat room but can read the blog. Text messaging and email just DOES NOT work well here, so I am done trying to squeeze them in. Honestly, alerting momentum flips could do more harm than good and we don’t want that. But if you’re in chat with me I’ll discuss them with you as they’re developing. Or you can just check the blog from time to time and decide if the trade is still good for you.

Shorting is taking a position against the stock. I have not sent any out yet but will start hunting for shares on piece of shit stocks like LEXG and ALZM. They are fun and more importantly, they are predictable. I am very fond of shorting hyped up stocks and you can make a lot of money this way with high probability of success, but it’s often hard to find shares. These could be flips or swings – short term.

Swings and short term means taking a position based on a future catalyst that should drive the price higher and is the type of trade I do most, as you know. Recent successful examples include LOCM, LEXG, COOL, ALZM, CHTL etc… and these types of trades work well with text messaging and email.

So the bottom line is this, if it comes to you via text and email there is a very strong chance it won’t be a quick flip. I can’t promise you I won’t sell the same day but going into the trade I am expecting a swing to short term.

I believe this new guideline will help all of us quite a bit… and in each trade alert I’ll let you know what category it’s in. I think 2-3 short term trades a week is what you can expect right now and I’ll post my additional flips in chat and on the blog.

Email me if you have questions, I am here to make this work for each and every one of you.



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