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Thursday April 14, 2011

Well my friends, I honestly appreciate all the loyalty after yesterday… I am trying to build one of the best communities of real traders out there and I now realize we are well on our way to doing that. Yesterday I lost my battle with ESYL and got caught in a flush. If you’re new to trading or my list, ESYL is what we call a manipulated stock in which the price gets walked up daily and can make for easy trades so long as you avoid the flush. Other examples I’ve won the battle on include UTOG, ALZM, LEXG etc… but ESYL bent me over and gave me a solid spanking on the ass and reminded me how volatile some of these promotional campaigns can be. Now I have yet to confirm if ESYL is a campaign, but the price action similarities to the others fit the mold so I thought $1.50 no problem. Obviously my timing couldn’t have been worse adding to my position at yesterday’s high or darn near close to it. Right as I was emailing you about winning the JBII trade I got caught in a waterfall I hope to never see again. Do I know what caused it, no… but my guess is a shady insider put in a fairly large market order and went out for an afternoon walk. JAMN is another example of the risks in playing these types of trades and the others mentioned above are starting to fall apart now too as naive investors catch onto the fact they’ve been taken. Will I play manipulated stocks again, hell yes! Just hope to be in early like I was on LEXG and avoid the dump. So when I buy moving forward, if I say, ‘suspected campaign’ or ‘similar to LEXG’ you know what I am talking about. I’ll be sure to include a note saying, ‘risky trade’ etc… too. I’ll do a video on the experience tonight, just couldn’t stand to look at it last night.

So, today is a new day… the pain has diminished and I am ready to get back on my horse! I plan on going on a trading tear like no other, and Profit.ly will show you whether or not I can deliver on my word. Onto my LIVE trades…

Yesterday I was reminded that over trading and too many positions can be dangerous so I cleaned house. Sold 7k shares of CDXC at $1.61 for no reason and no profit, just needed to clear my positions, I still think there is 10% in CDXC soon. I cleared the rest of my KEYN position which was a nice trade. Additionally, I closed JBII as you know, also a nice trade. JOEZ was a ‘Jason’ casino trade the other day I lost on heading into earnings, closed that too. All that action leaves me holding the following… 5k shares of LOCM at $4.30 and I’ll be adding 5k more down here once it establishes support. A few of you wrote in asking if $3.60 is support on LOCM for the add and yes, I think it is, but I need to see it hold there more or turn back up before I add… can’t risk getting faked out here. Goal is still $5 and since they have not had significant news in a long time, I hope to catch that wave after adding my next set. Finally, sitting on my small bid buy position of SHMX still and I’ll look to close that today. Tried to unload it yesterday but the volume didn’t support my asking price. I have 18.7 shares remaining at my bid buy of $.255 the other day.

I am scanning the $5 and under market right now… watch list to come.



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