10 Jan

Trading Patterns – VERI Trade Example


Stocks are set to open lower this morning. However, they’ve been on an impressive run lately, as the Russell 2000 (the small-cap stock index) is up more than 13% from its December 24 lows.

For some, all this volatility has been unbearable. Are we going down… is this the time to buy? These are questions investors are seeking answers to?

My answer: Stop worrying about stuff you can’t control (like the global economy) and focus things you can (like your financial future). 

Believe it or not, I teach three simple strategies on how to trade stocks. These high-probability-of-success patterns pop up over and over again. That said, I focus on repeatable patterns and catalysts.

Now, I know its still early in the year, but I’m already up $50K in trading profits. And I’m doing it by trading stocks that are hardly mentioned by the financial media. On any given day, these stocks can go up or down anywhere between 10-50%…or even more… I’m not kidding. These play into MY system and the system of Raging Bull and what we teach and show our readers to do.  

In fact, I was peeling off profits on one of the hottest stocks in the market yesterday (I’m still in a tiny amount). Check it out for yourself:

(VERI isn’t the only winning trade I have on, If you want to see my entire portfolio, join me in Millionaire Roadmap)

Last night, I sold out of nearly all my shares of VERI (I left 2,000 shares on) and locked in gains of over $14k in profits.

Was it luck?

Actually no.

This isn’t the first time I have scored on this trade. You see, despite these stocks being among the most profitable… they have repeatable patterns. That said, if you know how to spot them, and follow through with the right plan, you too can profit off stocks like this. 

Trading Patterns – Fish Hook

Now, this pattern is the classic rinse and repeat.

I’ve seen this setup so many times over the years, and it tends to work in any market for me.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

At a first glance, you might be thinking… this stock just dropped 50% over the last month, why would I buy?

Well, if you look at the Relative Strength Index (RSI) in the chart above…this stock was clearly oversold.

Now, with the RSI, I don’t just simply buy if it’s below a certain number. I like to use the pattern shown above, which is one of three patterns I use to consistently make money. Additionally, I combine potential catalysts with my patterns.

I call this pattern the fish hook. Once I see this pattern, I’m in… and there tends to be a positive catalyst along with the fish hook pattern. Thereafter, I reel in the profits.

Here’s a look at the alert on VERI that went out to Millionaire Roadmap members:

The stock pulled back a little bit, and when I saw a good price, I decided to add to my position two days ago…

During the post-market yesterday, I took some VERI off the table, locking in $14K…

Veritone (VERI) reported it expects higher revenues for the fourth quarter and full year of 2018. Previously, the company projected its revenues to come in between $9.3M and $9.7M during the 4Q. Now, it’s expecting $10.7M to $10.9M. That’s around a 15% increase on the low end and 12% on the upper end of the range.

Now, this wasn’t the first time I took a trade in VERI, and I remembered this stock gapped up the last time I saw this pattern…

Looks pretty familiar right? Well, this was the fish hook pattern from last month. The stock gapped up the following trading day after I got in…

That said, my trading is focused on repeatable patterns and catalysts. You can make the stock market extremely complicated and mysterious. However, you can make it simple and easy. The choice is yours.

The diary of a real $ trader,

Jason Bond


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