17 Aug

VLNX Stock Tanks; Awesome Penny Stocks And Penny Pic Subscribers Get Fleeced


Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX) stock was touted by Awesome Penny Stocks and Penny Pic Thursday August 16, 2012. For weeks Awesome Penny Stocks and Penny Pic lured free subscribers into paying $150 a month to get their next big alert, VLNX, ‘before’ free subscribers.

The biggest promoter in the industry, reeling in subscribers for $150 a month with the chance to get the pick before the free subscribers. Keep in mind, this was a ‘promoted’ stock. Now I’m no lawyer but I’ve been in the penny niche for years I can’t help but scratch my head about the legality of all this? Never-the-less it’s a stock promotion so it’s sketchy to begin with.

What drives me nuts is so many people get so excited for these picks yet everyone knows not to trust promoters. If you didn’t honestly know, well now I’ve told you. The casino always wins yet huge money lines up over and over. How much you ask? After the VLNX stock alert by Awesome Penny Stocks and Penny Pic Thursday August 16, 2012… the stock traded a massive $89,608,848 in dollar volume. Yes, that’s simply huge.

Further, even if you paid the $150 to get the pick early and before ‘free’ subscribers, getting shares is next to impossible due to all the crack addicts trampling over each other to get a hit of the pump. I even heard from people who actually paid that the alert didn’t even come early ha i.e. fleeced! But even if you did pay the $150 to get it early, did you actually get any shares below $.26? I doubt it and you know how I know, I used to trade stocks like that and getting fills $.02 above the offer is even next to impossible.

Don’t believe me, check out the 1 minute price action when this pick was released. What’s even more scary is that most of the $89,608,848 dollar volume was above $.26 meaning thousands of traders are down HUGE or to the tune of 70%+ here. That image below shows millions of dollars buried in this stock… millions and that’s scary.

Luckily my clients knew better than to chase scams like this. We all want a quick buck, including me and it is tempting, don’t get me wrong… I grew up playing stuff like this. But the reality is there is no get rich quick strategy that works and the only people who made out on this pick are the promoters.

If you messed up chalk it up to a learning experience. I get hundreds of clients each time this happens and I’m writing to today to tell you, you’re not the only one who has been duped but if you don’t learn from it, it will happen again. Read on my friend.

See stock promotion i.e. pump and dumps are rather elementary, promoters tout stock to rudimentary traders and when the promotion ends the stock plummets because there are no real bids at the artificial levels.

With that in mind, it’s fitting to start this blog post with a nursery rhyme. What? You didn’t know Great Wall Builders (OTCBB:GWBU) was a Awesome Penny Stocks and Penny Pic stock promotion? Take a look at the promoter’s previous picks Sunpeaks Ventrues (OTCBB:SNPK) now (OTCBB:SNPKE) with the E meaning delinquent in required filings with the SEC, North Springs Resources (OTCBB:NSRS), Raystream (OTCBB:RAYS) and Amwest Imaging (OTCBB:AMWI)? I used to be an elementary education teacher for 10 years… so let’s start with the basics.

GWBU stock sat on a wall;
GWBU is had a great fall!
All the pumper’s horses (Awesome Penny Stocks and Penny Pic)
And all the pumper’s men (Preferred Penny Stocks and Free Investment Report)
Won’t put GBWU’s stock together again!

Okay, back to the real world. VLNX stock dumped. You might have paid $150 a month for an alert that was supposed to be delivered to you before ‘free’ subscribers. You were duped but are you really surprised? How can they do this you ask? Who knows, but there’s better ways to attack Wall Street on legitimate small caps so in my opinion. More importantly, my strategy is something you can duplicate, you don’t have to wait around for garbage like VLNX. Again, just mark it down as a learning lesson and move on.

Will VLNX make a comeback you’re wondering? Let’s look at their other picks.

Keep in mind, I called the NSRS tank the day before it fell apart and saved subscribers hundreds of thousands of dollars to say the least – calling the NSRS promotion top

GWBU is Awesome Penny Stocks pick before VLNX…

I called this dump just days before the stock tanked.


The same stock promoters recent pick…

Think I’m just poaching traffic since GWBU is the hot pump right now? Think again… this SNPK now SNPKE blog save innocent traders hundreds of thousands of dollars by simply making them aware of how to trade pumps. Wall Street’s ugliest charts and how you can learn to avoid them.

Don’t believe me? Check out some of their old promotions I’ve written about below, how about the charts below that, look familiar?

The NSRS Stock Promotion Is Ending, Here’s How I Know

Raystream (RAYS) Stock; A Predictable Dump After The Blatant Pump

The AMWI Stock Dump Caught Live And On Demand From JasonBondPicks – this video will make you sick

Is POWT A Scam? BestDamnPennyStocks Promotion Crushes Subscribers

This is the harsh reality of trading penny stocks

Now let me go on record, I have nothing against stock promotion. To be quite honest, I love trading volatile picks like this but it’s not for the beginners. I say this so many times I feel like a broken record but I teach people how to profit from such blatant manipulation. You can bet my subscribers know better than to buy and hold GWBU at this point in the game and by the way, some of my biggest losses have come from stock promotion so I’ve been there my friends.

Awesome Penny Stocks pick before SNPK now SNPKE…

Preferred Penny Stocks pick before GWBU…

Yup, they released Rarus Technologies as a decoy pump and dump to stop front loaders from entering their picks, sucked in about $25,000,000 yes $25 million and dumped it all the next 3 days.

I’ve given his warning over and over… put down the crack pipe! If you didn’t know what you are caught up in you better get your guard up immediately and subscribe to my premium swing trading newsletter to learn a real trading strategy. I hate to be abrasive, but ignorance does not work on Wall Street.

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  1. AnimeJoe

    Hey Jason, you’re just a Haterz!!! You’re just jealous that VLNX turned out to be an awesome pick that made TONS of money! 😉

    Too bad 98% of that money went to the dirt bags at APS. I lost my a$$ on that play after it dumped MASSIVELY 24-hours later after it was alerted. A lot of people got burned pretty badly on that one. I only lost a few hundred bucks compared to the poor souls out there who lost thousands in the four and five figure range.

    Anyway, looking forward to signing up for your swing trading service!


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