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Wall Street Shuns Penny Stocks But This Before & After Will Knock Your Socks Off

Check out the BEFORE & AFTER images below. Wall Street shuns penny stocks and talking heads act as if they are too good for the little guys. I’ve never been a follower and on April 5th, 2012 I delivered all of my subscribers one of my best watch lists in the last year. Best part is, I’m seeing the ball well again and you can bet there will be many more big winners ahead!

There are a few pumps on the market right now worth watching to include SEFE (OTCBB:SEFE), Sunpeaks Ventures (OTCBB:SNPK), Vringo (AMEX:VRNG).

Whether it comes from an IR firm, message boards, talking head or a trusted website with massive distribution playing pumps can be a lucrative strategy but it’s not for the faint of heart. Here at JasonBondPicks I specialize in volatile stocks and welcome the juice as a way to hit quick scores, like the $10,000 I made on SNPK in just 2 days time. Here’s 3 under $3 that have traders circling back to the cash cow over and over and how I’d play them from here.

SNPK is yet another awesome stock promotion by Awesome! These guys move stock better than anyone on the market, sorry Cramer but it’s true, you’re no longer the best pumper on Wall Street. I played SNPK on day 1 of the pump was back in March for a solid $10,000 profit and honestly figured it was done after the first big dump but amazingly Awesome moved it back up off that $.285 low for an amazing 251% as of Wednesday’s close. At this point I’m watching a $1.04 break today because if that falls all shorts will be at a loss and we might be looking at a big move before it pulls again.


VRNG went out to my subscribers Sunday night after I found this article on the Business Insider. I day traded it for a score on Monday but didn’t put it out to my swing group because it gaped up 17% from last Friday’s close of $1.65. Monday’s open at $1.94 was met with a pullback to $1.80 and then shares rocketed for 2 days hitting $4.05 before the pump slowed. That’s an amazing 109% from Monday’s open and now you see why I welcome the juice. From there I think VRNG is heading up again today and will probably day trade it in my chat using Thursday’s low of $2.57 as my pivot point.


SEFE is slowly approaching $1.25 or the recent high which to me suggest a breakout could be coming soon, possibly today. There’s plenty of liquidity in this pump with over 3 million shares trading hands Wednesday up another 4%. I’m watching close today because a breakout above $1.25 will be a nice move in itself squeezing all shorts and adding some extra bids to the move. If it puts in a 10% move like I think it will, be careful of the pullback on profit taking.


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