25 Apr

Watch List For April 25, 2011


Hard to believe May is coming next week! So let’s rock this last week and head into the warmer weather strong.

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It’s has come to my attention that a lot of you are buying into the watch list stocks before I do and that’s perfectly fine. I just want to make it clear that they are on my watch list for a reason meaning they’re missing the catalyst in my mind. Obviously I understand that everyone trades more than just my alerts but I don’t want to mislead anyone which is why I’m writing this part. I sit here and watch these stocks all day, if I don’t enter it’s because something has gone against the trade. If I enter it’s because the catalyst I suspected has come into play. Just want to make sure I clear that up.

$.01 – $.25

CHTL is a former cash cow for us and it made a turn at $.12 recently which is also double bottom support. It’s possible the stock is coming up for another round of promotion and if that’s the case I will look to enter before the herd. I’ll be digging through the message boards to see what type of rumors are floating out there. Light accumulation Thursday could mean it’s beginning but again, I need more information before I consider this.

$.25 – $1.00

It may bore you that I continue to watch LQMT but those of you who understand my strategy know that PennyStockWarfare is about out smarting the competition. There is no reason for me to pick up LQMT yet until the volume increases a bit. Volume increasing will tip me that someone thinks something is up and that will be enough based on what I suspect this company could do. Right now it could slip down to $.30 on any bad news so just relax, the LQMT trade is ahead of us but just not yet. Right now in my mind I’d be looking for a trade between $.50 – $.80.

PLPE off $.80 early on this week would be great but I am not sure it’ll get there. It was sold off pretty hard recently which I like because all the sellers are removed in the case of any good news. I might even add in the mid $.80’s but I’ll keep you posted. Trade range for me is between $.80 and $1.05.

$1.00 – $2.00

OXGN is a biopharm which I tend to shy away from like promotions and China stocks because they are volatile and the losses can mount up quickly. This one has a real small market cap – $12.03m to be exact and it got a boost last week from a small article on TheStreet.com simply mentioning outdated news. This illustrates how it can bounce so quickly on simply media exposure. It’s still missing a catalyst but I’ll be watching it close this week because it has the ability to fly based on market cap. Catching the momentum swing is the hard part with this one.

$2.00 – $3.00

JMBA is new to my watch list and there is a good chance I’ll be a buyer this week at some point. With a market cap of $152m or so this one could be heading up in the short term. Earnings are coming up in about 1 month on May 23rd and I think we’ll get a run up prior to that. They’ve new management and appear to be turning the company around. Whether they do or not I honestly don’t care but the media coverage could be the catalyst that drives this one up in the short term.

$3.00 – $4.00

I like CIM for a number of reasons. First, earnings are next Monday so there could be continued run up this week. The price action recently hit a double bottom at $3.80 and could very well creep up on the $4.15 range by Thursday. My only hesitation is $.20 cents in profit prior to earnings might not be worth the risk but I’m going to watch it today.


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