26 Jul

Weekly Windfalls Update



It’s been a dream start to my Weekly Windfalls service… I’ve gone 12 for 12 on my trades, netting over $19,000 in trading profits, going into the last day of the trading week.


I had already tested out the strategy..and made tens of thousands of dollars before I ever rolled it out to the public… so that was never a concern of mine.


My only concern was the learning curve for clients…


And to be 100% honest… I couldn’t be happier for everyone who has decided to give this “sophisticated Wall Street” strategy a shot…. And are now reaping the rewards.


K.S. : JB – 10 for 10 on WW for $17,290 in profits! Lovin this service



C.H. : @JasonBond – ramping up my trading on WW this week and today I am up $2400 in realized gains and another $1400 in unrealized gains but closing strong so Im going to hold! Paid for the service!



K.P. : closed NFLX vertical for + 1960…..thanks JB !!!


A.F. : @Jason, I saw NFLX loosing steam and I had a good win on it so I sold and took my profits. A little over $450 on my first trade on WW. I am loving it. Thank you Jason….


Today, I’m going to walk you through my Netflix trade from yesterday, and show you how volatility and time decay play a role in my strategy.


This Strategy Helped Me Rake in 12 Winners in a Row


So far this week, I’m 6 for 6 and sitting in $8,700 in profits… and last week, I was also 6 for 6. Now, I actually walked through how exactly I use the strategy to my advantage.



Today, I’m going to show you one of my biggest winners this week using the Weekly Windfalls strategy, which I actually let my clients know about ahead of time.


Now, if you recall, I’m actually bullish on Netflix (NFLX)… I actually had on two bull put spreads in the name… betting the stock would stay above $305.



The second trade, I sold a put spread in NFLX three weeks out. That means as long as NFLX stayed above $305… I’d be sitting in cash. If you think about it, there are actually three ways I could make money.


  • If NFLX has a massive run-up.
  • If the stock trades sideways.
  • If it drops a little, just as long as it stays above $305.


With the NFLX trade… it actually caught a nice bounce off the $305 level.


Now, my thought process in the trade was there’s some support at $300… and even if NFLX broke below $305, I figured buyers would step in and drive the price higher… causing the stock to rebound.


Not only that, I thought the stock could get back to $330… and if it broke above, it would get into the gap above. If it does that, it means the sellers are “gone” and the demand overpowers the supply… which would cause NFlX to start running higher.


Here’s a look at the daily chart in NFLX.



With the strategy I had in place, I knew my risk right from the start, and I was comfortable with losing that amount.


However, I was nowhere near my max loss as the support level in NFLX was $305… and it had a tough time breaking below… and actually rebounded, as you can see in the chart above.


With the stock trading near $330… I actually booked $2,805 in profits, nearly a 60% win on that trade alone.


You see, the $330 level could act as a resistance level. What that means is the stock could actually have a tough time getting into the gap… and I didn’t want to risk it pulling back, especially since I was sitting in nearly $3K in profits.



Now, I wasn’t the only one who made money in NFLX using my Weekly Windfalls strategy… some of my clients were able to rake in some profits as well.


K.P. : closed NFLX vertical for + 1960…..thanks JB !!!


A.F. : @Jason, I saw NFLX loosing steam and I had a good win on it so I sold and took my profits. A little over $450 on my first trade on WW. I am loving it. Thank you Jason…


Now, you’re probably wondering, Jason, how can I stack the odds to my favor with Weekly Windfalls and is it hard to learn?


First off, the Weekly Windfalls strategy is not hard to learn. In fact, it’s one of my simplest strategies out there because you can “set it and forget it”. Not only that, you can weigh the risks and reward from the start.


The only way you can learn how to use this strategy to your advantage and potentially increase your win rate is by joining now.



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