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Who The Hell Is Jason Bond Anyway?

For anyone considering following my buy and sell strategy, I figured you could use some insight as to who I am and how I pick stocks.

First off, if you’re not a subscriber already I’d also encourage you to click here because it goes into more detail about my strategy, penny stock warfare.

If you’re a subscriber already, here is my bio below. I’ll warn you it’s a bit long but worth your time if you’d like to know more about my life.
So my strategy, which I call penny stock warfare, was developed about 10 years ago right around the same time I started teaching. The idea is to use guerrilla warfare tactics to survive trading stocks under $5 year after year.

It starts by establishing criteria for picking stocks and quickly moves into developing a number of detailed watchlists. I then use ongoing assessment to move stocks up and down those watchlists. Finally, I regularly dig through the company filings searching for a catalyst that could be the trigger to a move up or down. Once I find what I am looking for I then determine if the potential move offers up an opportunity to profit about 20%. Since I am looking for 10% I like to include room for error. At that point I time the catalyst and make my move.

Once I buy a stock I alert my subscribers through SMS text and email. I am looking to add instant messenger as another form of quick communication. Finally, if you’re looking for proof in an industry surrounded by frauds, check out my trades on the homepage which are verified through a third party. It proves I am doing what I say I am doing.

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