13 May

Improving Advanced Notice Alerts

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Hey guys and gals,

This morning, before the market opened, when I was emailing out my Weekly Windfalls watch list, I was breaking down my rationale for the SHOP vertical Call spread I planned on making Wednesday and said, “… consider this your advance notice.” 

I was nearly positive I was going to make the trade, so why not just be clear about that in the pre-market?

At that moment it dawned on me… 

What if I could schedule my advance notice alerts so clients knew exactly when they’d be coming?

Wouldn’t that be better than the current unpredictable schedule?

I thought about it all day, came up with a better delivery model, and decided to take action on this.

Introducing Improved Advance Notice Alerts

So what’s my newly improved advance notice alerts all about?

See for yourself in this exclusive video, and how I plan to supercharge Monday Movers, Jason Bond Picks and Weekly Windfalls.


For each service, I’ll be combining the watch list, advance notice alerts, and the real-time alerts into two concise emails.

Let’s use Weekly Windfalls for example.

The 1st advance notice email alert will arrive in the premarket. It will lay out, in precise detail, what I’m looking to do in the morning session. 

Then, come midday, the 2nd advance notice email alert will arrive breaking down everything I did or didn’t do in the morning session. Then I’ll lay out, in precise detail, what I’m looking to do in the afternoon session. 

Gone are the days of ‘… by the time I opened my email the price was different’ and my text arrived late’ or worse ‘… my text didn’t arrive at ALL!’ 

Listen, I’m blessed to have this business and with over 10,000 of subscribers, getting a text and email to arrive to everyone at the same time instantly has become harder than ever.

Which got me thinking, maybe we’ve been looking at this all wrong…

How about I spend more time on my research / game plan (advance notice) in the premarket and again midday making the session so predictable, clients pretty much know what I’m going to do long, long before I do it, wouldn’t that be a better way to communicate? 


Sure, it’s more work on me, but I’ve always tried to make my services better. They are alive and adapting. This is my evolution. 

Which is why I’m bringing back the LIVE STREAMING PORTFOLIO during market hours.

For anyone who believes it’s helpful to see my TD Ameritrade thinkorswim in real-time, it will begin live streaming again Thursday morning at 9 a.m. ET. Since I do all of my trading from one account (Monday Movers, Jason Bond Picks, Weekly Windfalls), 

I can only make this available for Jason Bond All Access customers which is basically my bundle. If the live streaming portfolio isn’t important to you, don’t sweat it.

But if it is, call 844-961-1585 and upgrade your account.

As you can see, I’ve instructed concierge support to cut anyone interested a hell of a deal.

I’ve made $25,000+ this week shorting the market and with All Access, not only will you see everything I do in every premium newsletter, but everything I do outside of the newsletters too, like these Puts on the SPY, IWM from today and QQQ Tuesday.

I have losses too, of course, all traders do, but with All Access, you’ll be able to see everything I do in all services, as well as everything outside of my services so, call now 844-961-1585

1 Comment

  1. Jason Hoetmer

    Good evening JB. Loving the new advance notice format. It’s nice to know exactly when the alerts come. I’m currently in the process of funding my brokerage account and looking forward to beating the market with you and your team.


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