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I Bet Your Loving This Morning!

It’s always nice to wake up to a gap in our favor! My alert on UTOG continues to behave nicely, almost easier than my trade on ALZM for crying out load, ALZM is now at $1.47.

As you know, ALZM was $1.06 – $1.28 or 21% for me and UTOG was $1.10 – $1.29 or 17%.

God I love penny stocks!

Anyway, still riding CHTL until it either dips below $.17 or so or hits $.22 – I am averaged in here at $.187 as you saw in the video.

I’ll keep you updated if I pick anything up today, I know a lot of you are letting it ride with ALZM and UTOG – congratulations but remember, lock it in baby!

Looking forward to the weekend here, lots of new plans for PSL including my link to Profit.ly which I setup a day ago… more details there soon.


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