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Bull or Bear Market… Doesn’t Matter

Kyle Dennis’ new, 5 Min Strategy is Poised to Double Your Money Weekly

Michael S. made 173% with Dollar Ace. So can you!

I got what you need…

Sure the market has been all over the place… but now isn’t the time to play into whatever the talking heads are saying about the trade war, yield curve, and whatnot.

Instead, it’s time to stay the course and learn different ways to ride out the market volatility.

It’s nothing new to me and I know that, when everywhere you look there are headlines about a potential crash… the market is going to fool all the shorts and have a “rip your face off” rally — like we’ve been seeing already.

You know how I know that?

From my mentor. That’s the number 1 thing that I think can benefit your trading the most — finding a great mentor who’s been in the trenches.



When you have a mentor… they’ll guide you until you’re ready to take the training wheels off and evolve as a trader.

That’s how I evolved from an elementary school teacher who only dreamed of a better life… to a consistently profitable trader who has raked in $500K in trading profits this year so far.

Once you break through that mental barrier that’s holding you back… you ultimately develop a thirst for trading, and look for more ways to make money.

For example, I developed and launched a new strategy using options just a few months ago — one that not only improves your odds of success but allows you to take calculated risks — and added it to my tool kit.

So far, Weekly Windfalls has proven to be my most profitable strategy to date… helping me pull in profits like these…



Heck, I went 9 for 9 just the other day… and locked in $33K in realized profit.



But I didn’t forget about my small-cap stocks strategy!



So how do you get to a point where you’re consistently making money in the market?

Well, the first step is to test the waters… and develop the right mindset.



If you think trading will help you achieve your goals and dreams… then the next step is to find a mentor. When you have a mentor, you actually save up a lot of money in the long run…

Just ask Kyle Dennis, Nathan Bear, and Taylor Conway — my former students who all turned into millionaires after joining MRM. We’re all teamed up now, and the students have become teachers. 

If you think you have what it takes to become a 5-Star trader who pulls in 7-figures in trading profits, check out this short clip — it has some details that can get you there.




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