19 Jun

It Doesn’t Get Better Than This


I love helping people, working with people and teaching people. As you can imagine, I truly love my profession teaching trading on Wall Street.

I’ve been slammed this week making changes to my service and website but emails like this I always share because there’s no marketing I can do that speaks louder than my customers voices.

Jason, I joined your service only a couple of short weeks ago after attempting to tackle the market on my own with little to no experience, and of course little success. While my trades are no where comparable to those of others due to limited account size, I have had nothing but success with your alerts and the efforts of your moderators and group members. In fact, following your alert on VRNG this week, I was in at $3.29 on 6-13-12 and out at $3.90 on 6-15-12 for a gain of 18.5% which covered the cost of my subscription! More importantly to me though than the money, is the fact that I am now learning how to make GOOD TRADES! While the service you provide is second to none, it’s your integrity that’s most admirable. Many people perceive themselves to be something they’re not, but you and your team are different. You truly care ab out others and they’re financial well being as evidenced by your dedication to this service through the endless amounts of educational tools, tutorials, webinars and resources in the chat room. This truly is a blessing of a lifetime for me and I very much look forward to being part of your group for many many years to come! Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and honesty as a person. Have a great weekend and also Happy Father’s Day! Respectfully, Kevin

My name is Scott and I just joined a few weeks ago. I’m not exactly sure why I’m writing you, but I felt inclined to do so. I just want to say I appreciate you. I appreciate the level of consciousness you bring to what you do, and the way you run your service. There is a gravitational pull to that. I’m encouraged by your courageousness and entrepreneurship. I know someday I will feel that way about myself. I remember when I started reading books on investing at 17, and fantasizing about being a savvy investor and entrepreneur. I’m 32 now, and I’m finally in position to start actively trading with 25k in my beginner portfolio. I don’t know… I’m just excited man! Not only to be, albeit slowly, realizing my goals to trade full time, but also to have found a place to learn, share and grow as a trader. That’s the greatest value to me from your service. The picks are great, and I look forward to making lots of $$$ from them, but it’s the intangible that is of the greatest value to me, the community. I’ve never had any friends to share in this passion with. They are too interested in partying, and that is why as of last summer I decided to cut ties with almost all of them. It’s time to focus. I have my fiancé, but that’s another email entirely. 😉 I’ve always felt like I had the work ethic and intelligence to succeed in this career, but something has always been missing. I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel like it’s this community and a mentor. I can’t do this alone, nor would I want to. I’m like Daniel Larusso and I desperately need to find Mr. Miyagi, else I’m going to keep getting my ass kicked by these bullies on Wall Street. So, if you catch me calling you Miyagi in chat you’ll know why. Scott


  1. Doug Walls

    Jason, its so neat to see you helping people better their lives. Keep up the good work !!!!

  2. Ed

    I had tried many different ways to trade and make money, lost some won some. But had always been told to avoid any trades below $10 stocks. Since joining with Jason, I have been learning how to make more money faster trading below $10 stocks than the high dollar ones, and my losses are smaller because my trade plan works through Jason’s picks. He is helping people understand how to create income with his trading methods and selections. Thank you Jason for introducing some profitable teaching for all of us.


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