23 May

My Life Is Crazy Which Is Why I Love Penny Stocks


Some look at the road I’ve traveled with an open mind, others simply see a circus act, but the funny thing is, I really don’t care either way. I have to admit the road I’ve traveled so far has been far from normal per societies standards. I honestly never followed the herd from day one and I think that’s the only thing keeping me sane. I never fit in during high school, yet when it was over I decided I best get more schooling so I could go back and teach in the very environment I was least comfortable. I bucked the trend there too, being the first in my family to graduate college and figured why not try six of them before completing my masters. After that I landed a safe and secure teaching job just to find myself uncomfortable again.

I guess it’s no surprise I landed in penny stocks, since they seem to attract risk takers like myself who aren’t afraid to live life a bit differently than the Leave it to Beavers of the world. So while doing my watch list tonight I happened across an old article about Tom Golisano and couldn’t help but get distracted.

When I was young and even to this day I’ve always wanted to live in Florida, yet I still reside in NY for some stupid reason I may never fully understand. And it’s not just the weather in NY, it’s the taxes too. Honestly, I’ve always been successful shadowing the moves of people who are smarter than me, so when billionaire Tom Golisano said forget you to NY I figured I better make more money so I can go too. Can’t blame Tom can you, for crying out loud they were bending him over for income tax will be $13,800 PER DAY. Seriously, they were bleeding Tom for the price of a new car daily.

But it’s not just the NYS income tax that bothers me, it’s the property tax and the school tax and the road tax – yes, we pay tolls in NY so we can drive on our roads… I know it’s almost embarrassing to discuss. But how about buying a $300,000 dollar house in Rochester, NY… my neck of the woods. You’ll be met with over $10,000 per year in property taxes while the same priced house in Florida 1/2 mile from the Gulf Coast will only run you $3,000 a year. Lets see, $10k in trading profits or $3k… hmmm, which would you choose. Oh ya, I almost forgot… NO STATE INCOME TAX in Florida as well.

I’m guessing Tom is pretty smart, being that he is a billionaire so when PennyStockLive goes big time, that’s where you’ll find me too, trading by the ocean. I’m sure someone from NY will criticize my decision which is why it’s probably the right thing to do.


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  1. Stephen Richardson

    And I will be right there with you jason, all the way from Alaska!!


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