24 Feb

SIRI Technical Analysis

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Rabid traders flock to SIRI like Stern to women. I was disappointed I didn’t pick up SIRI on the gap down, so I’ll be looking to add today.

I think there is excellent support at the $1.60 range and that will make the ride to $2.00 even more profitable. This company isn’t going away folks, it’s that simple! I said the same thing about Apple at $80 and while SIRI is no AAPL, the lead in this space and it’s just a matter of time before we see the recent high  fall down.

The market turn this week didn’t help their situation but remember, it’s always best to buy good companies in bad markets, just have to find each charts bottom is all.

No position right now, looking to add today around $1.65-$1.60.


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