24 Feb

Winner, Winner; The BQI Breakdown


Just as expected, my BQI alert on 2/10/11 is playing out perfectly! Shares opened on alert day 1 at $.52 and we have already seen $.62 or a solid 19%.

Now that shares are above $.59 look for $.62 to put up a fight and if you like to gamble, a break and hold of $.62 would mean profit rocket time.

Remember, these aren’t promotions… so you’re not going to get the instant ‘pump’ from my alerts. Instead I look for stocks that will give 10% to 20% in 2-3 weeks time, stock with minimal risk, rinse and repeat.

Congratulations if you’re cashing in on BQI already, I like this price range so look for more of them in the future.

No position right now


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