16 Apr

Invest In Your Trading Education, Start With TD Ameritrade’s paperMoney


I teach trading for a living and love it.

When clients sign up I suggest they use TD Ameritrade’s paperMoney which is a groundbreaking paper trading application available as a downloadable trading platform. With paperMoney, every user has access to a virtual margin account and $100,000 of “play money.”

From there I ask they study my 8-hour $497 workshop The Basics of Swing Trading (FREE to clients), my video lessons and read Steve Nison’s The Candlestick Course.

Then practice, practice, practice! Well, I’m proud to share clients are listening and had to highlight Nijananda.

I have a very specific strategy I teach and it’s really not complicated, but it does take practice. Once you learn it, it’s like riding a bike, you’ll never forget how to do it.

Hi Jason,

Just a quick feedback on JBP.

I came across your service a year ago when I was frequenting another site. (The latter didn’t work for me as I really was not comfortable shorting stocks). I kept coming back to your site but was never serious enough to sign up. Two months ago I seriously got to reading reviews on your service. And finally made up my mind to take the plunge on March 25th.

Just like you advised I went through your training videos and paper traded for two weeks. I know you suggest at least two months of paper trading but the way ZNGA and MCP increased my portfolio by over 10% in just a little over ten days, I knew you were the real deal!! Those two trades were my ‘aha’ moment where your training videos and apprach gave me what I lacked, the confidence to trade.

I studied your open trade analysis and zeroed in on FNMA as I found it in oversold territory. You had noted that you would buy FNMA when it came down to the $.70’s. So, I bought it at $.76. then when the markets went down on Friday April 12th bought again at $.72. It wasn’t a great day for the markets yesterday either with gold taking a pounding. But, as your email indicated FNMA was the only stock green in a sea of red. I could have taken my 5% yesterday but then went through the economic calendar looking for some catalyst that might help boost the trade a bit. And voila there it was – housing starts slated for today. I read on Seeking Alpha that the numbers would beat estimates. When the markets opened today FNMA shot up to a high of $.79 and hovered around for a little too long for comfort. So I closed in my trade with a profit of + 6.75% in three days! Thank you, Jason. Life is certainly not going to be the same hereon. And who says you cannot make a profit when the markets are down? 😮

On a side note I also applied your training to two stocks not on your list while paper trading. The results were phenomenal.

On April 5th, while reading up on VRNG on Seekingalpha (again your reference and training) I read a write up on MGT, saying it might have a good run up based on speculation alone. I put a trade in at $3.05 paper trading. Today it trades at $4.31! Over 40% increase in ten days!

RVLT – was in over sold territoty on April 05th at $1.88. It went to a high of $2.25 on April 11th.  A 19.6% increase in 5 days!

Now, do I regret not putting real money in the above trades? Not at all. For me I am simply happy that it validates my training and that my $100 has been worth it. The fact that I have a system in place (entry, exit, profit level etc) is all that matters. 

Thank you for your time, knowledge and service.

Looking forward to be around for a while.

~ Nijananda B.


  1. vikrantl

    Do you have study material for a fee for students who are not in USA (i.e. who do not trade US markets)? I am expecting a scheme which would cost less than $250 per 3 months and adds info about the trades you take (delayed)

    • Jason Bond

      I don’t adjust my service based on country. I have clients in over 60 countries now so my perception is that it works from most anywhere in the world.


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